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Discussion in 'Cold Weather Camping' started by jfolsom, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Sep 21, 2017
    We are headed to Eureka Springs this weekend, the only downside is the temps are expected to be below freezing (28 overnight is the lowest), How should I deal with the temps? We are in a Jayco Sport 10 pop up.


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    You'll find posts on cold weather camping here:
    Will you have power? Do you have Popup Gizmos or the like? Heat retention measures (PUGs), rugs on the floor, fleece or similar clipped up around the outside edges of the bunk end or reflextix in the windows (we preferred fleece, since it covered more, but was breathable), etc. are as important as producing heat.
    Make sure to have some air circulation or condensation can be an issue.
    We camped into the teens - not on purpose! - in both of our pups, the first one didn't have a furnace, so we made sure to have a site with power in cold weather, to run a space heater, and an electric blanket or mattress pad. Second pup had a furnace, but we supplemented with the space heater, and the electric mattress pad was great. We still use the mattress pad in our TT, and sometimes supplement the furnace with an electric space heater, though those are dependent on having power. (We tend to get powered sites when it's likely to be that cold anyway, since the days are usually on the short side.)
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    Jul 30, 2008
    A ceramic heater is all you need to stay comfortable.

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