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    I use foam blocks with my kayak. Although mostly only use them on my TV. I also don't know how they would work with the truck back you have. But it works with the pup it should work on your truck. I did put the kayak on the popup once, but the on/off was a royal pain. The blocks have come in real handy, but can wear out in time. Not sure how well the canoe blocks are especially if you are doing a lot of dragging to get the canoe in position on the vehical. My kayak is 15' and 50 pounds. The only way I can manage the weight myself above my head is take it in half which means it can drag a lot. My blocks were in rough shape the first year until I built up some muscles and learned ways and created a PVC pipe tool to roll the kayak up and over into position on the vehical. That managed to save the lives of the blocks by a lot. Just something else to think about. Have fun. My little side kick loves to get out on the lake with me on her kid size kayak, although she much prefers to soak me or kayak to private coves to swim vrs kayak. Oh well she's having fun and gets her out.
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    Little hint, get a long double paddle that comes apart in the middle long kayak paddle works good for this. I use one both solo 12' and with my 18' aluminum. The double works great when others get tired, you can still paddle from the rear and have control of the canoe.
    slip on seats with backs are another good idea and gives relief for the back.
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    Congratulations! You mentioned the foam blocks didn't feel to stable. I'm not an expert on that method of lashing down canoe as I tend toward roof racks on my vehicles, but did you run straps over the canoe and through the car when the doors are open. I understand that helps alot.

    I fell off the portal as DW and I went camping, then I've been working overtime ever since. We were at a waterfront site on Lake Nummy, in Belle Plain State Forest, NJ. We had our kayaks [DW likes them more]. DW guided me back as far as she was comfortable. Our pillows were seven feet from the shoreline. It was nice.

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