Camping weather?


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Jul 5, 2016
I have folded up early a couple of times due to the weather. One July trip in Pensacola when the AC went out in the old Palomino and other trips where checkout was late morning and rain was coming in. Lately it seems that the only times I can get away have been in the summer so heat and humidity is a given here in the Southeast. I did cancel one trip due to an impending hurricane. I prefer fall and winter camping when the weather is mild and the campgrounds are not as crowded. Rain is going to happen and you have to be prepared for it. I have set up in the pouring rain before and will cut a trip short by a day to avoid having to break camp in the rain.

Jack Sprat

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Aug 31, 2019
I will CNX a trip if it's going to be a total wash out. Pop up showers are a little annoying. I also don't like to fold up in the rain and will leave a day earlier if weather warrants it. July, August and early September we head for the mountains. I agree that if you can't be outside why not stay home.


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I will camp when it’s hot, but will personally seek electric hookups So I can use the AC. My dogs when they got old seemed to have way more problems if it was hot or cold so I needed a place where they were comfortable. we would be out hiking or go to the lake in the mornings where we would take a dip in the water (they loved swimming). Then between noon to four we would retreat to the cool camper to rest. I would sit under the awning reading a book while the dogs was in the camper Staying cool or laying beside me With a fan blowing on them.
. In the late afternoon we would go on a walk around the campground or back to the lake and later go back to enjoy the fire or just enjoy the more tolerable weather the evening brings. Now if I did not have AC I would cancel, just not safe for the dogs. So even though we spent more time at camp then usual we still got out to do what we enjoy just during the somewhat cooler times. Sadie And Dusty (my dogs) loved camping. At home we live near the city so the home is small, it’s noisy, we don’t see much nature. Although we do have a small park we go to walk around. No place for a dog to really stretch out though. So actually being able to go on a real hike is a great place to stretch your legs and mind. A place they can be a little more free to be a dog although limited to the leash And their older bodys. It ready depends on how well your dog gets around now. At 14 mine still got around great just slower. They could Not jump over trees like they could when they were younger so I just helped them. Now when they turned 16 and 17 that’s when things became much harder for them. They could no longer handle hikes much beyond the campground Walk. They would still swim and splash around in water just like they were pups but needed help with getting up a bank. So we turned to just be around camp more, but they still enjoyed that as well. Now if they had to live in the tiny camper 24/7 I agree they would not be as happy. Mine knew how to crawl under the camper to get shade or if they were too hot knew how to let me know they wanted in.


Jun 19, 2020
We’re leaving today to a site in PA. It’s supposed to be 90s while we’re there. We have AC on the pup and I reserved kayaks to be on the water. The site is lakefront so, a few yards to the water. Ain’t gonna let the heat get us down. My biggest concern isn’t the camping but rather it is the packing up in the heat at home. Ugh.


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Feb 14, 2007
Elizabeth, PA
I don't go when its so hot outside. This wknd low/mid 90's without heat index. Even in the laurel mtns it will not be much cooler. I don't have AC. I primarily cook on the fire except for bkft. When its so hot that your dehydrating standing in front of the fire, not good, not fun. And when you can't enjoy a campfire due to the heat what's the point? Not to mention the packing up and breaking camp in this ungodly heat! I prefer spring and fall camping. I don't mind rain but if severe storms are forecasted I forego camping.


Mar 4, 2020
Never base it on weather, it can change in a heartbeat. Just go camp and make the best of the situation.
very nice

Grandpa Don

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Sep 5, 2018
Southern California
I haven't taken the pup out since May 2020. The first two days at a boondock campsite it rained, snowed, hailed, and sleeted on us. We checked with the weather man before we left. He did say we might be in for a storm. It started snowing in the afternoon of our arrival in the High Sierra mountains. By next morning I had 6 inches of snow and ice on the pup awning. Thank goodness it didn't collapse. It cleared up by the third say. Even though we had bad weather it was a great trip. The pup handled the snow just fine.


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Sep 29, 2009
Southwest PA
I have only cancelled one trip due to weather, that was 7? Years ago when we had a few weeks of 100+ temps in Michigan, it was insane. I got sunburned the first week while camping and I was completely shaded the entire time, it was nuts. This year our first scheduled trip is in August, I am really hoping this heatwave passes by then. We will still go, the 2 air conditioners should handle it and we will be comfortable, but I prefer to be outside seeing things when camping, not hiding inside. But, there are lots of ways to relax and entertain ourselves inside with air conditioners if needed.

Drag that monster here right now lol. 94 in the shade, 74 in the Roo, beer is slushy coming out of dorm fridge. Lots of open sites.


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Jun 8, 2012
Drag that monster here right now lol. 94 in the shade, 74 in the Roo, beer is slushy coming out of dorm fridge. Lots of open sites.
I wish I could! Actually would rather stop there for the night, share a couple beers, and then have you guys follow me up to Brimley SP in Michigan for a couple weeks. It’s currently 77 up there right now


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Nov 30, 2012
I figure I have to be somewhere, I'd rather complain about the heat while camping than complain about the heat while sitting at home. But you're talking about a pet that doesn't have much input. Does the pup enjoy camping?


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May 28, 2018
I figure I have to be somewhere, I'd rather complain about the heat while camping than complain about the heat while sitting at home. But you're talking about a pet that doesn't have much input. Does the pup enjoy camping?

I think the two caveats here are: can you get away from the heat when you camp? and can you camp year round?

As I mentioned before, I can go up in the mountains to escape the heat. Occasionally, things will be booked up or the heat will be extreme even there, but most often I can get a spot.

So, I see no reason to be miserable in order to camp during peak season. If things are full or there's a heatwave in the mountains, I will wait it out at home.

Also, I can camp year round. So if I don't get out camping much in summer, then I make up for it in winter.

If I lived in a place where I couldn't escape the heat and that had a limited camping season, then my answer would likely be different.

My pets love (and loved) camping, but it still requires certain weather. If my dog(s) can't get afternoon heat relief, then we don't go. And if the camper gets too hot during the day, then the bird is in danger, so we don't go.


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Feb 26, 2020
I figure I have to be somewhere, I'd rather complain about the heat while camping than complain about the heat while sitting at home. But you're talking about a pet that doesn't have much input. Does the pup enjoy camping?
My old girl wont relax and stay in the camper without me.
My lab could care less...we could put him in the AC and he would nap.
Not our hound...she has to be where the action is.
We tried and she wont relax in the camper without us.
Shes 14 and i worry about her in the heat.

Mike Up

Oct 2, 2018
Northwest Indiana
Personally, I'd rather be hot than cold. Unless it's just stifling hot with a ton of humidity, I can find a little shade, a few cold ones and I'm good to go.

We're leaving in the morning for four days at a new-to-us campground. Temps are supposed to be in the low 90s during the day. But we'll be close enough to the lake that I'll be able to cast a line without leaving our site. ;)

I'm the opposite. I hate hot weather. I would rather camp when it's colder and put more clothes on. Neighbors don't like when I take to many clothes off.:shocked: Plus you can only take so much off. You can keep putting more on until comfortable when it's cooler out. Plus I like to sit around the campfire when it's cool to cold out. Who wants to sit around a hot fire, when it's already hot and you're sweating?!!

I'm not much of a summer camper but a spring and fall camper. I camp in the summer so my daughter can go since taking her out of school for a week isn't an option for us.


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Feb 26, 2020
The lab goes with the flow and lets us know when hes ready for bed...he stands by the door and we let him in and he sleeps no matter what time of day.
The plotthound will not go in the camper unless we do.
She cant relax unless we go to bed.
Rarely does she lay down outside...shes a busy body and getting up there but she still has no shut off switch and i worry about her in the heat.
I would never forgive myself if i took her in the extreme heat and something happened.


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