Camping with kayaks


Aug 14, 2020
East Texas
Have any of you tried carrying and using inflatable kayaks? They all seem to get good reviews, easy to store and should be great for popup type camping with little storage. If you have tell us your experiences.. Bad as well as good and the type of equipment. My first experience was with an inflatable Sevylor Kayak. First trip filled with the recommended amount of air in all chambers. Got soaked and had no control in winds.


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Jul 5, 2011
Macomb County Michigan
We camped with plastic sit in kayaks that we carried on top of the pop up. We never tried the inflatables because we were always afraid of poking holes in them if we hit a branch or a submerged object.


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I used a sea eagle inflatable kayak for several years before
I decide to buy a used sit in kayak. The inflatable is great to putter around on a lake when the wind is minimal. I quite literally took off flying in my inflatable when the wind picked it up with me in it. It was quite scary to have zero control. I bought a sit in kayak when I started kayaking with buddies and found I could not keep up. I camp with my hard shell kayak more, but if your roof is full the inflatable is better than nothing. Sadly I threw my inflatable away on my last trip as the valve cracked but I had it for five seasons. IMG_20190724_183228374_HDR.jpg


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Mar 8, 2017
We have a Sea Eagle that looks like JMKay's. It's great. We don't go on lakes that big though but wind will make ti much more work (I prefer to avoid any location with power boats. Noisy...). We do have a canoe but this thing is just easier to throw in and go.