Campng near Frankenmuth, MI

Bill Kaczmarek

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Jun 19, 2018
Does anyone know of any reasonable camping near Frankenmuth? We're thinking of attending this years Octoberfest and would like to be close to town.


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Jul 5, 2011
Macomb County Michigan
I believe the only cg in Frankenmuth is a Jellystone, if that's your kind of thing. About 20 miles away, roughly a half hour drive, is a place called Covenant Hills. It's in the town of Otisville. It's a big campground with a lake, and a zipline, and some other amenities. Staff is nice, that the sites aren't too small. It's $35 per night for full hookups. It is a Christian camp, so no alcohol, and they have a dress code.


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Jun 26, 2018
Plymouth, MI USA
I've heard great things about Covenant Hills from my cousin who camps there often (she lives in nearby Columbiaville). She says that they don't push Methodist-ism on anyone (if that's a factor), but I didn't know about the alcohol. I suppose I'll have to turn down her next invitation.


Jun 23, 2018
Indianapolis, IN
We stayed at the Jellystone Frankenmuth on Weiss St just last month and were VERY impressed! Well kept, level sites, clean bathhouses, and across the street from Bronners! And less than a 5 min drive to the main Frankenmuth town! Would do it again in a heartbeat! They also give you a book of many coupons for the shops & restaurants there.