Can I do this?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Single mom of 2, Nov 11, 2019.

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    Nov 25, 2016
    Chicago suburbs
    Absolutely you can! While I haven't camped without my DH, I have many times driven to where our PUP is stored, hitched up, pulled it home, backed it in the driveway, and set it up. By far the hardest part for me is backing it in, just need more practice. I'm healthy-ish and 40-ish and I can do all this fine by myself.

    When we're setting up camp, we spend about half our time setting up the actual camper and the half setting up all our stuff. Get the grill out, put the coffee pot and icemaker on the counter, make the beds, put out the patio mat, etc.

    I would recommend getting a used PUP in solid, water-tight condition and camping in it a bit before you remodel. When we bought our first PUP, we had never camped as a family. So we made our best guess about which PUP would work for us. We were wrong! Sold the first one after a few years and got a bigger one, which works much better for us. But no harm done because the first one was very inexpensive and we were able to sell it easily and trade up. Glad we did it that way!
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    Welcome from Dukes Fl. You can set up and take down, just practice doing both, take your time and maybe a set up /take down list (I use one myself and have for years) any re-modeling take photos, draw diagrams and do not get in a hurry, take the time to analyze the situation before you start tearing things apart. Good Luck and Happy camping
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    Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 11.53.58 AM.png
    And yes of coarse you can do this. Practice, set up a routine. If you have a problem with anything just post the question you will get a good answer and suggestions here.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    I don't think you will have any problem at all setting up and taking down the camper, it is not particularly physically exerting. Watch videos as noted and if you can, get someone to personally show you the ropes a couple of times if possible. Elec. vs manual crank, personally I would go for the manual as they are simpler and less to go wrong. With a properly lubed lift system, it is quite easy to crank up. I have seven kids and my sons did it no problem when they were seven years old. Like all things that can wear down and break, if you stay on top of maintenance with the camper, it will usually treat you very well. Our camper is 19 years old now and when we clean it up, it looks like new and all the systems operate flawlessly. I have had to do a few minor things to it - not on the scale of a bathroom remodel - to keep it working well, but that is just normal aging.

    It is a huge amount of fun for the family and allows you to visit and explore places that you would not have the opportunity to otherwise.
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    Nov 24, 2019
    My first camping trip with my boys (years ago)they were 9 & 13.... we never had to help set up cuz dad did it....
    first trip without help was both terrifying and exhilarating.....just make sure you practice setting up in the driveway or yard and assign jobs to your son,(collecting kindling, etc..) make it a team effort and remember safety first. As you are enjoying your first campfire in the dark you will feel the pride in yourself and he will too..... my camper is a 86 starcraft, so no electric lift, etc --- all manual with a level on the floor of the camper to be sure all was level before starting to pull out beds or even lifting the roof and then more leveling to be sure all doors, etc. work correctly. After trip one you will keep adding knowledge and it will become more of a piece of cake with each trip....
    The boys are now 20 and 24 and I am on my own....currently replacing the side panels on the roof and then out to the woods to see if it holds..... You will also learn to pack the coolers in the order things will be used, (we always freeze anything that can be frozen including bread, and plan on hot dogs for first meal) learn to leave unused belongings at home, and just enjoy nature for all it is worth..... Unplugging from electronics is very freeing...although having it in a pinch or in case of problems is a blessing....
    Get out there and go for it!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
    Purchase that camper,
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    Jul 30, 2019
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    Welcome from Richmond, VA! Im married, but I do all my camping without my husband (not his thing), & our dog & 2 teens in tow. I am not mechanically or electrically inclined. The kids help out some, but Ive just upgraded to a pop up with bells & whistles, which means learning all these bells & whistles. I just solved an issue tonight with my propane heat/furnace with help from internet. (didnt blow myself up either!!) Im lucky to have friends with a travel trailer that can help with some things, but its fun to research & learn to do things on my own. I also follow "Girl Camper" on Instagram, her page is full of ladies camping on their own. Anything can be accomplished with some hard work & youtube! Best of luck!
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    Welcome from another newbie to the forum! I'm not female, but have to work solo in setting up my PUP. From what I've read, sounds like you've got this. Don't fret the mistakes, just learn from them. For me, the hardest part has been getting the camper leveled- this came from lack of experience. I'd suggest practice runs at home (aka 'Camp Driveway') with your little one by your side. That way you can figure out what he can do as a helper. A rope- holder or tool fetcher can be a great asset. One safety note: Always keep your young children by your side when backing the camper- don't use them for spotters!
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    Dec 4, 2019
    Absolutely!!! I just set up camp driveway today and I also hitched and backed up all by myself! Don’t get me wrong an extra hand would’ve been nice but as a single mom it is totally doable.
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