Canal Campground- Lake Barkley review

Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by BTB, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Aug 3, 2011
    Stayed at Canal Campground on Lake Barkley this past Fri-Sat nights with the popup. First time there and was very impressed. Stayed at site 66 on the Beach Loop.

    Shower/bathrooms were acceptably clean and conveniently located. Nice playground. Beach is large and clean and in a cove that stays calm for the most part. Boat ramp is good with good parking and courtesy docks. Firewood is $3 for a about 12 big pieces.

    Campground staff are friendly and have a noticeable presence. Police car drove through campground daily and park ranger did as well. Quiet hours were well observed and campground had a "calm, quiet" feel to it. Campground is well patrolled but I never felt like staff/police were looking over our shoulder all the time.

    Most sites are shaded. Sites have chip gravel surrounded by railroad ties and a steel fire ring and one big picnic table. Some sites are flat, others are not. The photos on show this pretty well.

    I will definately go back to Canal given the opportunity and had a really good weekend there.
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    Thank you for this review. We have thought about going there.

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