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    Nov 9, 2019
    The thread was old and ripped completely out of the canopy that held that was attached to the rail. Any suggestions on should if I should try to get it fixed and re hang the bag or purchase a new one. Any good brands and sites to purchase them from? I am curious if others are putting the nicer canopies on their pop up that is held in the tube and attach to the side of the pop up instead of two poles on the ground. TY
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    Aug 8, 2015
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    Assuming you are talking about the awning. Do a search, tons of threads about awning replacement/repair. On mine the thread all rotted off. However, the bag was heavyweight material and still in goood shape, as was the keder strip that slides into the awning mount. Awning itself was in excellent shape. I bought a speedy stitcher, extra smaller needles and waxed thread, and restitched the bag by hand. Took me a couple hours each day for close to a week. My fingers hurt at the end, but I got it all done, remounted and good as new. Saved me $1-200 from going to a sail shop and asking them to make a new bag, or resew the old one for maybe $75-100.

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