Car stereo Install in a PUP

Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by Cliffbeach491, Apr 25, 2011.

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    This is for anyone who has an extra car stereo sitting in the garage or wants to buy one to install. check out places like Wal-Mart or Best Buy. they sell a package deal with speakers and extras. I installed mine is a 1996 Coleman Taos. I mounted the stereo in the panel to the left of the door above the fire extinguisher storage cove. Since i had both front and rear plus one of the side body panels off running the wires was a breeze. The problem was with the power. All the power converters in older PUPS are a non regulated power supply which means the voltage output depends on the load. When i turned on the radio it made the lights flicker to the beat of the music and when i put my meter on it the voltage was all over the place plus the radio hummed even when it was off. Newer PUPS have an electronic power converter which is regulated and that is built in the same way as a computer power supply. It puts out a stable and constant 12 volts no matter what the load. The way to tell what kind you have look for a cooling fan either on the back or behind the cover on the front of the unit. Also look inside the converter if you see a large transformer its a unregulated as the regulated ones have just circuit board inside with a few componuts on it. I was able to pick up a used one off of EBAY for $55 that was out of a Coleman . It even had the power cord still on it plus it can charge your battery too. After installing it everything worked fine and boy does it sound great. Alot better than having to bring a boom box and battries along all the time, I installed a switch on the Ignition + lead so i can tun it off without losing all the presets and it wont drain the battery. I used a stick on power antenna i hid in the rear body panel i picked up from PEP BOYS auto parts for $19. I hooked up the antenna power lead to the power antenna output on the stereo so it kicks on when the radio is turned on.. pulls in all the stations nice and clear. well worth the effort for the ease of use and great sound
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    Nice addition!
    DH wanted to install one on our previous pu, but we ended up selling it and buying one with the amenities we wanted. (shower, toilet and the stereo was a plus!). Otherwise I'd be all over this mod. We like listening to music and so do our 3 girls.

    Fun times!

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