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    I have a Carefree of Colorado Campout bag awning on my 2001 Rockwood Freedom that is junk. In a perfect world, you would think replacing it would be as simple as ordering the same thing from my RV dealer, sliding it in the rail and away we go !!

    However, I can not seem to verify that the specifications are the same on my 17 year old awning as they are now. Carefree claims that awnings are sold based on the "bag size". They state that the most common one for a pop up camper is 8'5" bag size. I have measured and remeasured my awning and the bag is 9 feet (aka 108").

    My main concern in this matter is the attachment of the carport feet in the brackets that are already mounted on the side of the camper. I would like to verify that the specifications have not changed over the years.

    I am told Carefree's customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I am curious of anyone here has had a similar scenario. I am going to try to call them tomorrow, but am very skeptical as to whether even they have the answer to my question. If no one here or they can help with some answers, chances are I will probably replace with a Dometic awning because they seem to be better constructed than COC.

    Thanks for your help everyone !!
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    I know it's a year later. Ever figure this one out?

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