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Discussion in 'Nevada' started by Zephyr, May 22, 2016.

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    The 'gorge' is a valley of hoodoos...think of Bryce Canyon but on a much smaller scale...and the campground is down in the valley. Hiking trails are generally flat and sometimes follow the washes. This is a great place for kids (and kid-like adults) to explore the 'caves', which are actually small slot canyons developing in the hoodoos.

    The campground has 22 sites on one loop and 2 handicap sites and group sites on the other loop. In general, the parking pads are small to medium in length. There are 4 pull-through sites with signs requesting that they be left for larger vehicles. When we arrived in mid-April, there were 3 non-handicap sites left and 2 of those would have been a squeeze to get into. We took a site that was short, but wide enough to park the TV next to the Chalet. All sites have electric. The camping fee varies by residency and if you use the electric hookup.

    The shower house and grounds are very well kept. In fact, this campground became the standard by which all others were compared on this roadtrip.
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    Thanks for the review! Our girl scout troop has a trip slated for September, and we're on the fence whether to take the PUP or do tents like everyone else. Glad to hear that the exploration opportunities are plentiful. =]
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    Thank you for the great re-cap of your visit. Sounds like an adventure was had and memories were made too.

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