Caulking after painting


Sep 8, 2008
I am fixing to paint my old camper and have decided that the best way to do it is to mask off a panel at a time. I have noticed that there is a black gook at the edges of every panel which I assume is some kind of caulk or putty. I would like to scrape this stuff off, clean the residue with some kind of solvent, mask repaint and then recauk. Does anyone know what this stuff is and if I cannot find out what the original material was. Would RTV work?


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May 21, 2008
Kingsport, TN
If it is anything lik the black nasty that was on my pup, I think it is like a butyl tape type stuff. you might be abel to use something like a paint thinner, but beware of anything that would have an oil in it, it may keep your paint from sticking. If you are scuffing up your paint with the scotch brite pads, they may scrub it off, you may be abel to apply a good degreaser to it also. Once you get it to where you want it, you should be abel to put some type of sealant on it like the 3M 5200 stuff. If you want it to cover the black, just use the white sealant.


Aug 4, 2009
Welland, Ontario.
I would scrape it off, clean it with Acrysolve (adhesive remover) then use methal hydrate (alcohol) after that. Then apply a bead of Sika-Flex, after its cured paint right over it!