Cedar Mesa Trip May-June 2019 with ALiner Scout Low Profile

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    Mar 2, 2019
    Two at-large camps. One location is at an old "drill hole" east of Water Canyon, in the Grand Gulch region of Cedar Mesa - we are about 13 miles down a dirt road from pavement. Stayed there 4 nights. No permit needed.

    These old drill holes (exploratory well or mining sites) have flat areas good for camping. If the road is passable (2 for 2 in our case, so far).

    Other location is Valley of the Gods (BLM land !!) Stayed there two nights. No permit needed.

    The 2003 Low Profile Scout has been lifted with a SOA (Spring over axle) conversion. Jeep Liberty has a 2" lift kit.

    ALiner was towed approx. 2,000 miles round trip to and from California.

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    Nice panoramic view.

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