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    My wife and three kids went to Cedars of Lebanon April 1-3 this year. There are 3 areas from which you can book a site. Area 1 is mostly pull-throughs and was full of the big boys. All 50 amp hookups over there. Area 2 has 30 amp and a few 50, but the drive is hilly and we have a 5yo just learning to ride her bike with no training wheels! After looking through the portal, we decided to book site 94 in area 3. Area 3 only has 20 amp hookups. Site 94 is right along the walkway to the bathroom and backs up to the woods. It was in full shade and very spacious. My oldest son loved the trees all around and ended up staying in his Eno for the entire trip.
    Cedars of Lebanon is a great park. We enjoyed caving, flying kites, and visiting the nature center/museum and joining the guided ranger hikes. Our ranger was very knowledgeable and was great with the kids. They have a horse stable where you can rent a horse, and a big swimming pool that is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
    This park is void of any real stunning views, but is home to a unique feature called, "Cedar Glades." It is home to some beautiful flowers that can be found nowhere else in the world.


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