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Aug 20, 2009
I was camping this week and noticed I have a leak coming from the center seam of my 1995 Jayco Cardinal. When looking at the roof, it appears that the caulk is worn and loose. I have been told to use a marine sealant rather than silicone to repair it. Should I remove the center seam trim on the roof of the camper before trying this repair or should I just try caulking along the sides of the trim? Would there be foam or other material that could have been damaged between the rooftop and the ceiling?

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May 21, 2008
Kingsport, TN
If this is the first time that you've noticed a leak, I would just clean off the old and reapply new and while you are up there I would look at the vinyl trim that covers the center seam screws to make sure their aren't any craks in it. [2C]


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Aug 13, 2008
After reading here about Externabond tape, I tried some on my current project center seam. It is expensive, but I don't believe you coud get water past the stuff without a drill. I bought mine through Coast Distribution. Follow this link:
To go to the online catalog.
Sep 17, 2009
I have a '96 Jayco Jay-Series 1207DD that had some water coming in through the "outlet" jack on the back end of the camper while on our maiden voyage with our new2us pup. When I was cleaning it up after we got it some "new" caulk came off because it was put over top of some old (and filthy) caulk. I started looking at things and put the old girl in the garage and began to investigate. I started pulling off the old center seam moulding as it is in real bad shape and water looks like it could get in there any which way. So now my question is this...

Do I need to replace that moulding or can I simply put Eternabond tape over the seam?

If I do this, should put the screws back in to keep the joint stable or if it okay if it "floats".

If I need to replace the moulding, what is it called and where can I get it? (preferably online) Or is there another type of moulding I can use to make it look nicer?

The roof is aluminum skin that overlaps about an inch in the middle.

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