Changing campers.NTU Rockwood premier 2516G. Need help on set up.

Discussion in 'First Time & New Camper Owners' started by kennedyfamily, May 26, 2015.

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    May 16, 2013
    We are ready to move on from our beloved 2003 Coleman Mesa (needs some expensive repairs and we are not handy people)

    We spent some time looking at different campers and seriously considered going to a hybrid. We would like to camp more frequently but that would mean more quick two night trips. I find the packing/set-up/take down to be too much work for just two nights. However, when we looked at the hybrids the ones in our to weight range just felt too small and too confined. They had features that we didn't need and missing ones we wanted and we just didn't like the feel of it. We wanted our pop-up but it to be less effort.

    We finally found a 2014 Rockwood 2516G that we really like. It has a good combination of features and size and it just feels right. It also has a power up/down which saves some effort.

    So what is the problem? How do I make things easier 1) in general and 2) the new camper has a slider that takes up the floor space that we were accustomed to using for our last minute packing items (food, toy bin, shoe bin, trike, chairs, etc.) The Rockwood has plenty of storage but not accessible with the roof down. Our TV has limited space because we have our dog in the cargo area.

    We are a family of 4 plus a big hairy dog. Our two boys are ages 5 and 11. The like to take bikes and a limited amount of outdoor toys (nothing crazy just frisbee, trucks etc.). I definitely don't over pack but I am not a minimal packer either.

    Our system has generally been to keep the camper stocked with the dishes, bedding etc. the ez up usually stays in the camper but I don't think there will be the floor space now.

    Each trip we end up loading into the camper:

    4 chairs (we use them at home in the yard so they can't just stay in the PUP
    Clothes (each person has a Mountainsmith cube for their belongings)
    Toiletries and first aid-some stays in the camper but some medications and pesonal items are packed each time
    Food-refrigerated food goes in the cooler and water container (empty) are in the TV with the dog and the other food goes in the PUP
    Shoe bin-we take a sterilite bin that we put all of our shoes (depends a bit on the duration and type of weather for the trip) crocks, sneakers/hiking shoes, rain boots. I also put any washed linens such as towels in this bin
    Bikes and helmets (one bike/trike went in the PUP and the other was strapped on top of the TV) this has become problematic because both bikes are too big for this now. E are going to have to figure out a bike rack of some kind.
    Small kids size table that folds up under the dog in the TV. We use this by the PUP door to put dishes while drying, sunscreen etc. and to be an additional surface for meal prep.
    Small camp kitchen-I prefer to cook outside. I have room to store this stuff in the camper and would prefer not to load it each time but...I also don't like going in and out of the camper to get what I need when I cook. How do others manage this?

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to pack with a dinette slider? How do you make the packing/loading/set-up/take down less work? I know the biggest answer is take less stuff. I will definitely take that to heart especially as I get to start fresh with a new camper.

    Thanks for your suggestions,
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    Sep 2, 2012
    We finally bit the bullet, for the reasons you give, and bought a box on wheels. A 24 ft. bunkhouse camper with no slides. Packing and unpacking, setting up and taking down, and most of all plenty of storage make this the camper for us. We loved our pup, but we love Gary too.
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    Jun 4, 2007
    For cooking and not having to go in and out to get what I need, before I cook the first meal, I make a mental list of what I need from the camper, grab my bin I use for washing dishes, load it up with what I need, and take it outside. No running in and out. Dishes are washed outside, ready for the next meal. I repezt this process for the next meal if what I need isn't already washed and in the dish drainer. Just takes a couple minutes.
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    Nov 30, 2014
    Get a larger tow vehicle. We are going from a Tahoe to a Suburban next TV. I can't imagine how we'd make it with a Honda. There is a bike rack that basically attached to the tongue and captures the front of the bikes. The back tires sit on the pup roof. It looks like a great option if you have the wiggle room with your weights. I will try to find the name if you're interested. Found it on this site.


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