Cheap addition of $38 LP covers looks great

Sweet Chariot

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Nov 25, 2009
For $38, this addition of LP covers by Camco really cleaned up the look of our PUP. The covers pull right off (held in place by a bungee underneath) and open on the top for quick on/off access. (Bought them at an RV Show)


or link to the bigger photo


"Bottom of the High End"
I just finished the same mod today. You can get the Camco 40523 propane tank cover from Amazon for only $25.99 with free shipping. I did have to modify the back side of the cover to fit my 2007 Fleetwood Sequoia. The propane tanks were installed very close to the trailer, so I had to cut part of the tank cover to fit.

I am working on a dual 6 volt battery install, that is why I the pictures don't show the battery.


Here are the pictures


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Jun 23, 2008
Northern Nevada
That does look good, Burneall. Are you putting any screen or hardware cloth in the cut-outs to keep critters from nesting in the cover?


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Aug 31, 2008
Just ordered the Camco from Amazon also comes in Colonial White which should match the PUP better. Thanks, Todd

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Jul 25, 2007
Got mine yesterday. I moved the tanks back today to make it fit, it works great, and add's to the look of the camper. Well worth the $25 bucks...


Jun 9, 2009
I found a tank cover in front of my office last fall...floating in the lake. Brought it home and dreamed all winter about how it would look. I just put it on this weekend. It was a tall one so I cut a few inches of the bottom to allow the bunk to slide over it. I had to pull tank and battery forward just a bit and I bought a propane line about 8 inches longer(so line could come in from bottom). I plan on adding a ball valve wear the hose meets the camper frame, this is so I can leave cover on with bunk out and still shut gas off if need be. It's a thing of beauty.


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Jul 17, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana
I ordered my Polar white cover on Thursday and it arrived Saturday. Not bad for free shipping! The Polar white matches my 2001 Coleman Sedona quite well. Looks cleaner than the two black vinyl Coleman tank covers that were on the camper. :)