Cheap Mousehole Repair - No sewing!

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    If you store your pup in an area where there tends to be little creatures, you may find a hole or two in your canvas. I actually had several holes in my canvas when I got it, as the former owner hadn't used it in several season an a family of mice used it for their winter residence.

    A grand or more for a new top? Not on a (now) 30 year old pup! Still wanted to keep the insects out and I'm not that good with a needle and thread.

    Simply used some E6000 fabric glue and some small patches I made with a $5 canvas drop cloth I got at a home improvement store (I'll plug E6000 but not any particular brands otherwise). Sure, the pup canvas looks like a quilt, but it's weatherproof now (thanks to waterproof spray that you should use every couple of seasons anyway) and most bugs stay away (it's a tent, come on, you are gonna have a bug or two). Use nitrile gloves when you do this, you do NOT want this stuff on your skin! Using some extra around the edges like caulk further seals it up.

    Just cut the patch a little larger than the whole, glue around the patch and stick it to the canvas. It needs 24 hours to dry before you close it up but I've used this on even larger panels and it works fine. Much cheaper than a new canvas.

    If looks are a concern, this probably isn't for you. If you want a cheap fix to get a few extra years out of your rig, this is all you need to do. Just clean the canvas before patching it (carpet spot cleaner works well). No need to embed mouse pee in the repair.

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    Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. This is a functional repair, and does the trick. Certainly saved a lot of money by not buying new canvas. If people comment on it, tell them to go over to the campfire and sit down, thats where all the drinks and good times happen.
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    It's a repair after my own heart, "It may not be pretty, but it's functional"
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    I did this exact same thing on my 86 Coleman Columbia when it developed a hole while camping. Big storm sent a branch through it. The patch worked great.

    Great Job!

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