Cheapo-Cheapo Charging Station


Apr 4, 2021
Morris County, NJ
My Sweetie and I have been avid campers since the 70s, finally graduating from tent to PUP a couple of years ago. We often camp at a Vermont State Park (Branbury on Lake Dunmore) with a bath-house/restroom building centrally located. We started, years ago while tent-camping, to bring along two inexpensive power-strips to plug into the one working outlet in each side (Men/Women) for other campers to use to charge their various electronic devices. We no longer need them ourselves (solar charger with USB ports) but the power strips are always in use by others, which gives us a good feeling of helping out. We have them marked in black and red: "Cheapo-Cheapo Charging Station - For the Benefit Of All - Please Do Not Steal Me!"

In all the years of placing them, no one has stolen one or abused the privilege. It's something other campers might consider doing to help out their tenting brothers and sisters.


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I have bought a few bottles of hand soap at a Walmart for the bathhouse that had no dispensers or soap of any kind. Don't know if the rangers who were cleaning the bathroom removed them, but they were no longer there after they cleaned that same day. Don't understand why the bathroom had absolutely no soap in it but people need something other than water to wash hands.


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Aug 18, 2019
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Don't understand why the bathroom had absolutely no soap
I ate at a meat and three a year ago. There was no salt and pepper on the table. Why? The State had them removed. In order to get salt you had to go to the cashier and get an individual serving. All done in the name of Covid.

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