Check your tires. Replace if questionable.

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    Jul 17, 2014
    I was driving on I-15 Friday, southbound near Lehi, Utah. A vehicle in the lane to the right of me was towing a mid-size single axle flat-bed utility trailer. Suddenly I heard a loud explosion. In fact it was so loud, I felt it. My heart rate shot way up. Had I been shot? Had something hit my car? It was a seriously intense explosion.

    Ok..... but my car is still moving forward, steering is still responsive, suspension feels normal, acceleration works. Then I realized I was hearing that flap flap flap sound of someone driving on a blown out tire. The vehicle and trailer next to me were in full "please just get me off to the side without losing control" mode. The trailer had blown a tire. I watched in my rear view long enough to see the driver made it over to the right safely. He was lucky he didn't lose control; highway speeds along here are 70+MPH, and he was easily going with the flow.

    So this is a reminder to check your tires before your next tow. Check them now, in fact, so that if they're "done" you aren't tempted to use them anyway just because it's the day of the camping trip and you have no options. Replace them if necessary; don't give your fellow motorists heart attacks.

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    Jul 29, 2019
    Wanted to add to know the max speed the tires are rated for. Many are only rated at a max speed of 65mph.

    Not realizing that there was a low max speed on trailer tires was happy to have read about it from other posts before finding out the hard way. I live in an area where freeway speed is posted for 70mph.
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    Replace trailer tires in 5 years even if they still "look" good. Just because a camper tire looks good doesn't mean there is no hidden damage.
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    Mar 2, 2019
    you should try being beside that blowout while riding a motorcycle!
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    Nov 30, 2012
    I just replaced mine with some Goodyear Endurance. While at the dealer having them installed the tech asked me to come over. He was having real problems getting the lug nuts off. I don't know what Jayco used but the nuts barely got off the stud. I replaced those as well. Also, as I was standing there I picked up the factory tire and one of the new Goodyear. Wow, the new tire was at least three times heavier.

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