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  1. Greg James

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    Jun 21, 2020
    Does anyone have check lists for camping (Pre and Post) and winterizing?
    I'm a military man and checklists makes sure I didn't forget anything.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. Camper054

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    Jul 23, 2019
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  3. WrkrBee

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    May 23, 2018
    South Carolina
    I would make my own checklist. Working on one now for the new to us travel trailer. There's about 20 steps just to connect to tow vehicle and set the weight distribution hitch. It will evolve over time, and will change with each trip.
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  4. jmkay1

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    Oct 10, 2013
    Northern Virginia
    I made my own check lists as I found every manufacturer has their own way to set up and every manufacturer has their own location for the pump, water heater etc for winterizing. I studied my manual For set up procedures, YouTube came in handy for winterizing as my manual was seriously lacking there. Also helped to run through the steps yourself and make notes. Every camper has a different set of options so Some may not even have to worry about winterizing where as others with more options do. My old Jayco only had a sink with city water connection nothing else. I didn’t even have to worry about winterizing that popup. Now my Fleetwood is much more involved and many more steps to worry about.
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  5. DigitalGuru

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    Jul 5, 2011
    Here is the checklist we use for our popup.

    Pop-Up Setup
    1. Check site for setup location. Check for issues; power, water, flatness, drainage, etc.
    2. Back in and check left/right level. Place chocks in front and behind the high side tire.
    3. Unhitch and move tow vehicle away then level front to back roughly.
    4. Place BAL leveler under low side tire and level.
    5. Check front to back level again and adjust if needed.
    6. Open storage, grab cranks and bed poles.
    7. Unzip storage bag on the awning. Leave straps tied until later.
    8. Unlatch and raise the roof 6in, attach gizmos, raise roof completely.
    9. Put the stabilizers down snugly. Do not raise the camper more than ½”.
    10. Install bunk supports, pull bunk ends out, pull dinette out.
    11. Lower step.
    12. Install door.
    13. Install Shepherd poles into each bunk end.
    14. Swing sink up into position.
    15. Check stove knobs and turn on propane tanks.
    16. Plug shore-line cord into power box.
    17. Attach Velcro and bungee cords.
    18. Open Drains.
    19. Plug AC cord in and turn on (if necessary).
    20. Make sure frig is set to proper setting and is on.
    21. Pull all gear out to bunk area.
    22. Setup interior table.
    23. Setup awning.
    24. Place carpet and stake down.
    25. Setup exterior tables and place stoves.
    26. Light hot water heater.
    27. Setup exterior chairs and drink cold beer until well rested and beer is finished.
    28. Unpack all the crap you brought to eat and wear, make beds.
    29. Drink another beer while grinning about the fact you’re now camping and didn’t break anything.

    Pop-Up Tear Down
    1. Pack all interior stuff and pull bedding off.
    2. Pack bedding, coffee maker, etc., in dinette benches.
    3. Pack dinette table. Pack toilet / shower.
    4. Turn off water pump. Drain faucets and cover water dispenser.
    5. Drop sink into cabinet.
    6. Close roof vent.
    7. Make sure fridge is set to proper setting.
    8. Unplug air conditioning plug and place wire on bed.
    9. Pack into interior floors.
    10. Drop shepherd poles.
    11. Pack door.
    12. Pack exterior stoves, grills, and tables.
    13. Extinguish hot water heater.
    14. Turn off propane tanks.
    15. Unplug shore power and stow cables and adapters.
    16. Uncover poles / detach Velcro and bungee cords.
    17. Close drains.
    18. Push dinette in. Pull fabric out.
    19. Push bunk ends in.
    20. Raise step. Close outside door.
    21. Raise stabilizers.
    22. Lower awning poles.
    23. Lower roof. Pack support poles.
    24. Pack awning.
    25. Latch all corners.
    26. Lower BAL leveler.
    27. Hitch tow vehicle, remove chocks, move off blocks.
    28. Store chocks & wood blocks.
    29. Open H20 tanks, low point caps.
    30. Lock latches, trailer tongue and clam-shell.
    31. Clean up campsite. Take trash to dumpster.

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