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    Location: Southern tip of Delmarva, about 15 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel. The CG is on the bay.

    Spent 5-days here from Fri-Tues. We booked right after purchasing PUP (May) on recommendation of friends who also booked at same time. They had camped there before although it was 10 years ago. Then we looked at the reviews. Some of those had us quite worried!

    The good: Glorious view from our site (see pic below) with great sunsets over the bay. The farm stand (not owned by resort, I think) sells fresh shellfish to order. We had steamed clams, shrimp, & crabs our last night. They were fabulous! Lots of activities for the kids though we didn't do many. The General Store stocks tons of stuff and the Food Lion is only ten minutes away. The town of Cape Charles is a pretty cool side visit.

    The 'meh': It is resort camping so you'll get some rowdies & obnoxious behavior. Even then, we didn't hear much after quiet time (10 pm). The bathhouse was a bit far from our site (easy trade-off, especially with the cassette potty on board for night use) and in a bit of dis-repair. The horde of local teens employed by CG were generally pleasant though sometimes clueless. If you want a ring for your campfire, bring one.

    Overall, our pre-trip concerns were not an issue. I would return, especially if we get our same sites (31 & 32). Sites vary in size but ours were plenty big with good shade. I would not want an internal site, though - it seemed too packed in, especially as the RV's get larger. This place is huge and filled over the weekend. It cleared out pretty quick on Sunday.

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