Chronic Pain. Maybe this will help you understand what its like

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    I'm posting to this thread (as opposed to starting a new one) because I figure the folks who posted, have it marked and will see this post.

    I wanted to give an update to my situation and life! As some of you know, 2012 pretty much sucked for me. I had surprise heart surgery in March and knee surgery (from a 5 month old bad injury) in May. I had my rally in October, but only got out about twice more. It was just a bad bad year. Last April '13, my main doctor referred me to a specialist - a Physiatrist. I had never heard of such. I couldn't get in to see her until November, even with his phone call to her. I wondered if this was a GOOD sign or a bad one. She could be that good, or she could be overbooking like there's no tomorrow.

    She's THAT GOOD!! This type of doctor is to have mastered not only the nerves, bones, brain, but to have mastered their integral relationship. When I had my first appointment the waiting room was packed. After an hour DH was getting leery and I had been up and down so many times it was hurting me worse as opposed to it helping a bit. Then a lady in the lobby changed my life - and I MEAN that because we were ready to leave. She knew I was hurting and simply smiled and said, "Have you been here before?" and I told her no. She smiled again and said, "She is totally worth waiting for. You will NOT regret the pain you're in now while waiting. I guarantee this." Then she went back to her book. DH & I looked at each other and realized she probably WAS my last chance.

    She watched me walk her back hallway, lift and slump my shoulders, turned me around, reached around me and asked, "Does THIS hurt?" I swear to GOD I nearly leapt over top of her!!! She was on her roller stool and I think I could have done it! LOL I'm well versed in pressure points, but more from getting treatment, than giving it. And we had begun....

    Since then, she's given me 3 Synvisc injections in my knee. Although the surgeon didn’t clean my knee out well enough, she’s managed to ‘take up the slack’ somehow. I have a 2nd and 3rd orthotic to keep my legs straight, which will help my spine stay straight. I’ve had Botox all over my head, face, back of the head, and neck to calm the nerves down. It’s starting on my face in the form of facial tics. I think it’s called Facial Dystonia (Or similar). Anyway, it’s like wringing out a wet towel. Start wringing from one end, and at the other, you have a relatively dry towel. The more we’re able to calm the tics = the less stress going to the shoulders and down the arms, and it continues through the rest of my body.

    A recent MRI revealed a total of 6 discs in my back that are bulging, in different stages. A few of them have been giving me the dickens lately, and I can suck up a LOT. When I got the cortisone in the back, we got home and DH said, “Wow! You’re my hero!” When I asked why he said “You should have SEEN that needle she used!! It was THIIIIS long!! I couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time. LOL I felt NOTHING! She inserts a little lidocaine in the syringe with the cortisone and injects slowly. This means the insides don’t feel a thing! I told my BFF last month that I HAD indeed met God, she is a woman, and she’s right over in Cave Springs!” And then I told her I was serious.

    I also wanted to let you know I finally won my Disability case in June ’13!!! Funny enough, their own doctors AND the judge found the claim Fully Favorable, which gave me back pay. They gave me back pay to my first surgery date, Nov 2006!! One day the bank account looks normal, and the next I’m going “WTF?!?!”, because I’m seeing a 5 figure balance! I got the letter two days LATER! LOLOL and, no one told me you have to buy Medicare, but that’s ok. Two insurers are better than one! I’ll get info soon on an Rx plan. Oh, and we had some work done on the truck and had I not went over the receipt, like I always do when the Mgr doesn't ring it up, I would have felt REALLY idiotic when he called ME. The Asst. Mgr In Training, had charged my bill to some other person who paid $250 Cash and $165 or so on a MC. Wait, I don't own a MC, just two Visas. I wonder who paid THEIR bill? LOL Chris was laughing and hatin' that he was going to have to figure out WHO paid my bill at the same time. Odd thing was, it WAS my ticket, all the info was correct on the Truck and the list of what they did was what I had wanted. He just managed somehow to screw the charge up. I hope some rich witch didn't get it and go cuss Chris out. He's a GREAT manager, but keeps getting lemons to train as Asst's.. Ok I'm rambling.

    I’m NOT bragging or patting my own back. I really just wanted to share the ‘rest of the story’ since it had been awhile. The Pup is in the shop getting a wench installed. Let’s hope it works out. We’re also taking care of the rest of my hospital bills and paying off the credit card, which, thank God, we had a high limit on. The majority is being invested. That’s going to feel REALLY GOOD to me, after feeling so useless for so long. 

    Also, DH ended up staying with his old company and became a ‘floater’ mechanic for our NC bases. Two months into that, they built him a hangar at Martinsville airport. It’s 68 miles away, so it’s a commute. Gas bills have SUCKED! But I’m no longer complaining. I never will again if I can help it. This book, and I still can’t shut up. SO much weight off our shoulders. And now we’re looking at moving half way to help the costs. It’s been a good year so far. I can only hope that at least one of you is also getting some relief on some front. Anyone??

    And if you haven’t been to a Physiatrist, GO TO ONE!! Please give them a try. I sure got a good one. 

    Thanks for understanding….


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