Clausen Springs near Kathryn


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Jul 16, 2015
Twin Cities, MN
We camped at Clausen Spring campground this last month for one night. The campground is spread out with some site on the river feeding the lake and some up and around the lake. We had one of the last ones on the very end of the lake by the dam - on a ridge overlooking the lake. The spot was basically a turn-off on the road to the end - lots of room but no grass or any utilities. For a one-night stop-over it was good. The view of the lake was great. We had light wind all night as a result of being exposed on the high ground.

The sites on the river feeding the lake looked good. Access to the stream and utilities, although on the closer side with no trees in between sites (this is ND we are talking about....!). The bath house / showers were clean and orderly. Only one on the whole site but pit toilets throughout all of the park were available.

There were lots of younger kids and families there when we stayed the one night. All were in order, making noise and having a good time. It looked like a very family-friendly campground.

We came in from the north and ended up on about 5 miles of DUSTY roads which made everything inside the camper dusty. It was a beautiful drive to get there but dusty. We left to the NW and were on gravel roads only about 1 1/2 miles. All-in-all, a good stay.