Cleaning mold/mildew stains on the inside of the vinyl.

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    So I've been looking around on here, and the internet in general, and I can find all sorts of conversations about cleaning mold/mildew from "canvas" sided pop-ups, but pretty much nothing on vinyl sided pop-up campers.

    I just bought a 2001 Viking 1906 ST that has vinyl where others have canvas. The outside looks fine while the soft fuzzy inside looks mostly OK but has what looks like the remnants of mold - those little black spots speckled throughout the camper. It looks like the mold has been cleaned off, but how do I safely clean off the stains?

    I found a cleaner that worked on the small section I tried it on but I quickly realized that it contained bleach which I gather is a big no-no; all the other's I've tried don't seem to do anything.

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    I did some research, and cleaning lately. I tried 30 Seconds Cleaner, but it also as bleach in it, it worked, but I could still taste it after 2 days . Then I discovered Concrobium Duo Blast Mold & Mildew Deep Stain Remover. This is basically Peroxyde and Sodium carbonate, it becomes active once mix together. It's gentle, basically, spray and wait 2 h to 24 h. No need to rinse.
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