Clearwater in Merideth,NH

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    I was there past weekend and thought i should recommend. Alot of PUPs there too. Large site and Private too. This side has a nice beach , a snack bar , boat/canoe rental and a fishing dock.
    On the beach there was the usual corn hole competition and some activity. One of the cleanest bathroom and showers i have seen.
    Across Rt104 [ Main road] they own a 4 season campground. there they offer a Indoor Pool and Hot Tub which included in your stay.
    Welcome pack was very detailed and included a cookie for the dog and 2 k9 dog parks, volley ball,basket ball courts.

    Excellent location and right on a lake. we had fun. I am going to return in fall a few times as they offer those spl of not towing when you book back to back weekends.

    The wood was horrible but a mile from the campground there is a camp wood for sale for the same price which was very good.Nice BBQ place right next to the campground too. After 4 yrs of ownership tagged a tree with my 31 foot TT. leaving as i was chatting with the wife, looking for my phone and turning around some trees..argh

    Ahern state park was a worth the visit, me and dog went hiking and she played at the beach.
    We did the usual meredith bay,laconia but mostly chilled.

    They do offer WIFI 2 bucks a day but its strong.


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