Coachmen Clipper Sport 108ST


Jan 31, 2021
Do any of you have a Coachmen pop up. We are looking at a Coachmen Clipper pop up but have seen mixed comments. Do any of you have a Coachmen Clipper pop up? Please comment.


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Mar 28, 2021
Niagara Region, ON
We have a 106ST. Our first popup so nothing to directly compare it to. Only really had it for one summer, but we like it so far.

Any particular questions or concerns?


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Mar 28, 2021
Niagara Region, ON
We bought it (used) in the fall of 2020, guessing (correctly) that they would be harder to find in the spring.

It has a 2018 VIN, although it seems to be mostly made in 2013 (last time the 106ST was in the Coachmen catalogue was 2015 IIRC?).

Used it probably a dozen times last year, plus had it up and down countless times while working on it. Have not had any serious problems.

Random thoughts in no particular order:
- one zipper was broken when we got it, my wife ordered a replacement and had it fixed in short order
- the plastic around the storage trunk lid was cracked in a few places when we got it, sealed with black polyurethane (Permatex)
- evidence of water damage inside the storage trunk (minimal), I sealed up all the fittings on the front rock guard plate (seams, lights, propane regulator screw holes, etc) with silicone and it has been dry ever since
- replaced the tires (dated 2013 and cracked)
- removed the water system and stove from the inside
- new electrical system:
- added roof racks: (last post if the link doesn't take you there)
- love the winch, but not sure if it is original:
- the cable supported bunk ends seem to work really well but no way to adjust, they were sagging a bit when we got it so I had to drill new holes to get the cables tighter and bunks level
- matresses are not great (are any?) but we added interlocking foam floor tiles underneath which made them 1000% better
- the door step is nice
- replaced all lights with LEDs
- fridge has been fine
- furnace has been fine
- lift system has been fine, adjusted the roof level front to back which was easy
- the scissor type stabilizers are awesome

I would describe the general build quality as total crap, but I don't think it is any worse than any other mass produced trailer in the last 20 years (from what I've seen).

Tongue weight was crazy heavy when we picked it up, but managed to get it down under 300lbs loaded mainly by removing the lead acid battery from the tongue - beware of this if you have a smaller vehicle.

Have towed it personally with a diesel F250, a 2019 Subary Outback (3.6), and a 2019 Honda Odyssey (our main tow vehicle). Have also moved it around the driveway with my wife's Mazda 5. It tows very nicely, presumably because the axle is relatively far back from center due to the storage box up front.

Planning a two month trip from the Toronto area to the Yukon and back next summer, not particularly worried about the trailer (will be building a new spare tire rack for the trailer that holds two tires).

Is it perfect? No. Would I buy it again, knowing what I know now? Yes, because I havn't seen anything noticeably better.


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Feb 26, 2020
We have a 806XLS bought new 3 yrs ago...No problems yet but they don't build them like they used to...We had a 87 coleman columbia that was a tank compared our new one.


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Jun 20, 2017
Holland Mi
We have a 2018 108ST. Have not had any major issues and have enjoyed camping with it. We do not have AC but do most of our camping in Northern Michigan. We did not feel the AC was worth the $ and trouble. We have a manual lift system. Listed below are the main issues we have had:

-Had a specialized screw work loose from the step hinge (twice). Finally used locktite and have had no more issues.

-I have found the greasing the front lift tube to be almost impossible. Cannot get the grease gun on the zerk fitting due to interference with water tank. I did not want to loosen water tank so I just fill tube with grease from front.

-Plastic around the front storage compartment has cracked and allow some water in. Sealed with marine silicone caulk.

-Had to replace the water heater control board 2 years ago (post warranty of course).

-The large window on the dinette side, the zipper was sown wrong and works weird, we never open it.

We did install a Pro Rac bike rack, expensive but well woth it.

Build quality of the Clipper is no worse than any other camper. I would purchase another one. We may upgrade to a class B sometime in the future.