Coleman 1990 Sun Valley roof rebuild

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    1990 Sun Valley roof rebuild
    Some photos of the in-progress project.
    2 days: Remove roof, remove a LOT of soaked, ancient styrofoam and luan. Absolutely disgusting demo. Work on removing old adhesive and remaining styrofoam from roof panels with wire brush attachment on the drill. Lots of painkillers.

    Helpful tools: Dremel with small flat blade attachment helped get a lot of the styrofoam up. My dad (against my better judgment) went to town on about 1/2 of the roof with a prybar and that was honestly the only thing that would get the stuff of the aluminum. I was terrified he'd poke a hole in it, but he was helping for free and it would have taken me... weeks... with the dremel only.

    My husband asks me... "Is there a chemical or something that would help get this off the roof?" I answered him, "Elbow grease. The chemical you're looking for is elbow grease." LOL :)
    Final 3 pics are where I stopped for the night. Tomorrow I will tackle the rusted center panel and make sure the aluminum is clean around where I have to adhere the MANY patches.

    Ideas for the patches: metal flashing adhered with 2 part epoxy (or what?)
    After the inside is rebuilt the exterior will be covered with eternabond tape on seams and grizzly grip. There are a LOT of serious holes, the metal literally rotted through in many parts, mostly the corners. No surprise why the ceiling had rotted after I saw the holes.

    I had found a lot of posts for how to patch on TOP of the roof but not sure about when you're doing a rebuild on the INSIDE. All of the corners and the curved parts (where the walls meet the roof top) need reinforcing. I'm not sure what a flexible (non-flashing?) way to reinforce those on the inside might be.

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