Coleman ABS Roof

Have you had any issues with your Coleman ABS Roof?

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Mar 19, 2012
I probably should change mine. It does sag, but we live with it. Our door is a pain to put in place because of the sagging roof. I learned it was because of the ABS roof. I thought it was because of the awning, weather, and time. Actually it is probably a combination of all.


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Aug 23, 2009
My old Columbia did that...I did nothing. If I was going to keep it I would fix it.It requires some elbow grease but not too bad.The hardener may work but wouldn't expect it to.hold up long .

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RAGAR Family

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Sep 19, 2011
Well just this morning I have noticed some cracking along the edges of ABS roof, the roof was sagging when we bought the unit last October. I do have a aftermarket A/C unit. I am wondering if removing the AC unit doing without would be a good idea. Thinking along the lines that it would take the weight off of the roof, hence removing what I think is a major of both the sagging and cracking.

What do you think?

Four Js and a Pup

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Jun 19, 2009
Vancouver, USA
For those with the sagging issue, I "cured" and reversed my '98 Bayside sag issue by cutting a wood 4x4 to size with carpet on either end and place it between the two mattresses vertically. I place a 12" square piece of plywood on the floor under the 4x4 to keep from damaging floor. When I first introduced the 4x4, I did so during the peak of summer heat and adjusted the roof hinges to a much looser setting and then gradually adjusted them tighter and tighter as the roof began to flex and straighten. This was probably five seasons ago and it has saved the roof.


Mar 30, 2012
Ours was just starting to crack when we went to buy it....but it's getting a new roof! (It's a Jayco though....)

99 Santa Fe

Sep 14, 2009
Yes it cracked, came unglued, tried gorilla glue, MEK/ABS patching, just kept getting worse, got ticked and tore it all OFF, best decision yet...Coated it with a Elastomeric roof coating, 4or5 coats, 5 gal bucket at lowes $70 still have half left... looks great check out my post before and after


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May 23, 2012
Our 97 Coleman Niagara has moderate cracking and sagging. Previous owner used heavy duty duct tape to cover the cracks (attractive, I know). I plan to go the Koolseal route, but until I can find the time, I just keep it covered with a tarp when not in use. (We are in Southern California so the elements are less of a concern.) Other than the stupid roof I love this pop up.


Chino Hills, CA
Jul 8, 2008
Chino Hills, CA
My 99 has very minor hairline cracks around the edges (mostly under awning). I've had the trailer for about 5 years and I haven't done anything to them, and they aren't growing, so I'm not worried.

There's no sagging, but no AC unit either. Mine has the bracing for the AC, which I think was a design change after they started having problems w/ early roofs.

It's too bad Coleman/Fleetwood had so many problems with this material. The concept of a seamless roof is great when you consider how many other designs have leaking / water damage from their seams.


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Mar 4, 2012
The previous owner removed the awning when he was not using it and I'm doing the same. So I don't even have cracks under there.

Of course we will see how it holds up now as I think it is getting more direct sunlight now in my back yard. Previous owner had a very shaded driveway.


Aug 24, 2011
I haven't had an issue with the roof on my 2001 Westlake. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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Aug 30, 2006
Arlington, VA
Fingers/arms/legs crossed here, as well. I, too, purchased first before reading about ABS issues. Santa Fe is a 10' box, with A/C, and (GULP!) roof rack with 4 bikes...

I've also considered making a brace for use while towing (we've put more than 25k miles on the pop-up...only long trips, not weekend camper...) but so far, it's fine.

If you hear a loud scream/moan from the No. Va area in the next day or two, you'll know this thread jinxed me and I discovered issues...I'll be cleaning the pup for the first time since November...


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Jun 27, 2011
North Carolina
Last time we took the PUP out it was very difficult to lower. I suspected the lift system might need some TLC, since it was N2U. I've got it in a service center (which I'm less than happy with), and they are saying that the amount of weight on the lift system is my problem, and attribute it to the foam being water-logged to some degree. I don't have any water issues in the trailer, but did have a lot of water run out when I replaced the roof seal. I let it sit until
it all ran out, as much as it could.

So, I'm nervously contemplating a roof rebuild. Is anyone aware of a place that does this, or a supplier? While
I'm fairly handy, this one makes me nervous to do myself.


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Mar 4, 2003
Shallotte, North Carolina
someguyinNC said:
So, I'm nervously contemplating a roof rebuild. Is anyone aware of a place that does this, or a supplier? While
I'm fairly handy, this one makes me nervous to do myself.

Here awhile back someone did a complete roof rebuild - not another ABS, rather they removed the entire roof and built a new one from scratch (and their old roof was full of water, too!) - wish I would have book marked the page. Maybe you can do a further search or maybe someone here will remember right where it's at.


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Jun 27, 2011
North Carolina
I remember seeing one rebuild where the guy used square steel tubing. Roof rebuilds are a bit tricky, like boat building.

BTW, I did get a call back from the RV service center. They figured that the weight is
pushing down (well that's gravity) but also outward, and thus the rails are being flexed
outwards, vs coming straight down.

So they are looking into roof options for me. I may tell them to leave it as and I'll work on my plan.



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May 20, 2011
Ok I also bought my Utah without knowing of the ABS issues. After I found the Portal I inspected and found one hairline crack. I figured that its no
big problem. Last year I noticed two more again I figured 3 small cracks no problem. Well getting ready for this years maiden voyage I noticed about
a dozen or so cracks right where the drivers side front post is, again they are all hairline cracks and do not go all the way through but I am getting
Should I be worried and if so how much?


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Jan 26, 2011
North Carolina
Welcome to the the Coleman ABS club rambus. When we purchased our Coleman Utah last year I did not know anything about it either. You will need to keep on top of the cracks (pun intended). I think most here fill the cracks with the MEK/Goo and then paint the ABS for protection. That's what I did last year. This year I had a few cracks show back up again. I filled them with a product called G/flex. After it dried I then covered the G/flex with MEK/Goo. I am thinking of painting the roof with Grizzly Grip bed liner to try to help protect the ABS a little better from UV from the sun which is apparently what eventually causes ABS to crack and fail. Just do a search here on the portal for MEK/Goo, G/flex and roof paint for a lot of good information from people that are a lot smarter than I am.
By the way, I love the Coleman Utah but hate the Coleman ABS roof!