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    Just purchased a 1998 Viking 2470 from a neighbor and wanted to know what I would need to connect the outside propane line to a Coleman stove. I know the connections are different but haven't been able to find an adaptor that can do it?

    Is it even possible?


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    which part of the outside propane line are you referring?

    The one that is for the in/out stove that hangs on the side of the PU will not work with a Coleman propane stove.

    Your PU has a propane container (container pressure), it then feeds to a 2 stage regulator, this regulated low pressure (< 0.5 psi) enters the PU for the stove, furnace, fridge ... some of these are further regulated.

    A Coleman propane stove operates on regulated high pressure of 15psi.

    There are tees etc available to connect to the container and then a hose to a Coleman stove. This delivers container pressure to the stove's regulator and then is regulated to 15 psi as an operating pressure.

    Grills are different, most operate @ regulated low pressure so the outside line can be connected to a grill that has its regulator removed, plenty of youtube videos of how to do that.

    All PUs are not the same, some Coleman/fleetwood have an outside regulated high pressure (16psi IIRC) hose that works well with a coleman stove.
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    Your coleman stove is a high pressure stove. The lines on the camper are all low pressure. The upshot is that with a direct connection you could connect your Coleman to your tank(s), you can't do it with the existing lines.

    You could use one of these as a direct connection to your tanks.

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