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    Ok , so ordered this on amazon. I figured i would post it. I needed something so i could clean off my rear bed slide out. Its high, almost the same height of the camper. Im tall myself, and had a bench, but it wasn't enough to see or really clear the top off good. This is about 30 lbs if i would guess and folds up small enough you could put it in a pass through. I might strap it to the rear bumper or make a case for it to live there. I haven't decided. It is a bit wobbly, but its sturdy. I would like a higher weight rating, but at least its certified. Addtionally tou can easily catch your fingers, so ware gloves when opening and closing it. For me it fits the bill for what i need it for. This is the 7 foot ladder. Ot was 150$ on amazon. I looked at the nesting ladders but the cheaper ones for the same 150 or less had reviews of the ladder flailing when people were on it, or breaking after a few uses. I have used them before but the good ones are like 400 bucks.

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    Cool, I just bought a 12’ telescopic ladder on Amazon for $84.00 Cdn. It can handle up to 300 lbs
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