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    just got back and this campground used to be owned by a private family and had been called a different name (cant remember the name) and it got alot of bad reviews. The husband and wife that own it now, just became part of KOA campgrounds a couple of months ago. They said that they are still working on it and have 1 year to get it up to KOA standards. I have to say that the staff were EXTREMELY nice and helpful and there was alot of activities for the little ones, and the adults too. I took a walk around the place and they have made alot of new campsites, and also are upgrading the exisiting ones, both seasonal and the ones for us "weekenders". The bathrooms are modular and air "Unisex". There are 8 individual units with a toilet, sink, and shower, AND AIR CONDITIONING!!! The staff comes by 3 times a day and cleans them, and I never saw a dirty one the entire time i was there. This campground is a work in progress and as such still has some things to fix. The only thing that I can think of that I would change right now is that the roads are dirt, this is not a problem if you are camping back away from the safari field because there is not alot of traffic, but if you have a site at the safari field like I did, everytime a car goes by, there is a cloud of dust that follows it and coats everything in its path with dust. If they had a water truck go by 2-3 times a day to wet down the road it would help ALOT. But I have to give this campground a good rating, they are working hard to bring it up to a higher level, and still have some work to do. I would go back again without hesitation.

    And of course, this was Ellie's first camping trip and she loved it!!!

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