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    Nov 28, 2015
    Cove lake is a lovely site for a PUP .
    The campground has two loops, with 18 site each.
    The site is a perfect tent campground, really a 9/10 for tent camping.
    Most of the sites will also accommodate a PUP nicely.
    It was not at all crowded, even on labor day weekend, with all the sites full.
    Be aware, it is a dry site. No hookups at all, and no dump or gray water drain.
    But they do have very good bear proof trash cans.

    The lake has a nice grass beach, and good swimming area, boat rental and concession stand.
    There is good fishing right off the back of about half the sites.

    There are great hiking trails, and lovely roads for motorcycle, or top down driving. And it is super close to mt. magazine SP. Which is also stunning.

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