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    We just spent 3 nights at this campground so thought I would share my input on it. Once you pass through the general store / gas station area the road is still pretty bad. We ended up camping in F loop which has electric service and is where the 'free' showers are. At the tip of the loop, there is a really big pot-hole.

    Although this is an old growth forest, there isn't a whole lot of shade during mid-day and it happened to be in the high 70's for our time there (July 1 - July 4). There is ample wood around each site, if you have a hatchet/axe for splitting it down. There were several small piles (3 - 6 logs) from wood cut recently along with some bramble/branch piles that you can steal from.

    The restroom facilities are pretty decent and the F loop does have 3 showers that are free to use. What we experienced is that late afternoon and early evening is when everyone wants to use the showers. There were also several families with several small children that tended to occupy at least one shower for an extended period each day. Hot water is sparse, so if you plan on using the free showers you will need to figure out when they are not being used and try to get hot water right before they get busy again. Being an early riser, my showers were around 6:30am and plenty of hot water with no lines.

    The only trail or attraction around this campground is the Annie Creek trail, trail head at the amphitheater in E loop. The trail skirts along G and F loops as well so you can jump on it there if you want. It's a pretty steep trip down and back up again into a valley area with a nice creek flowing through it.

    Last comments, bring lots of bug spray! The mosquitoes were in full force on every trail we went on as well as around camp. I also strongly recommend using the Bear box, the Rangers are proud to boast that they don't have bear problems in the CG but also ask you to use them to help keep this from becoming a problem. We either locked food up in the TV, stored it in the fridge or put it in the bear box provided.
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    Also see my review of this campground (with pictures) four threads below this one on the screen.

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