Crawford State Park

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    Located close to the Crawford/Paonia area this is a high desert sage campground. There is zero shade. Bring your own or suffer. The campground has electric and water at each site. The site spacing is generous, as it has to be for reasons I will soon explain. The campground sits beside Crawford reservoir, which offers good fishing for trout, crappie, perch and northern pike. This campground seems to primarily be set up for large TT's and boats. I mean BOATS! Big ones. Also, large family gatherings. It was not uncommon to see 3 pickups, a large boat and A TT all parked in one site. Weekends were crowded and all sites were full. A much smaller showing Mon/Wed. Plenty of space. One saving grace was that there was a constant breeze blowing through off of the reservoir. Evenings were nice after the heat broke for the day, but during the day in June/July and August leaving for cooler climes is an option. Just my 2 cents worth.

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