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    Aug 10, 2007
    I'm planning a trip from California to Wisconsin and then down to Tennessee and then back to California. I'll be staying at the EAA convention in Oshkosh, WI and at my dad's house in Clarksville, TN. In between those two places I need suggestions on where to camp. Any good sites to see?

    Below is a link to the route I will be taking.

    Google map of my trip

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    We stopped in Wisconsin Dells, WI. We stopped there for about 4-6 hours. Took a river tour and had an early dinner there. Also stayed in Jackson Hole, WY at the Jackson KOA. Nice place to spend some time and be sure to have a bite at the Gun Barrel resturant. Great Buffalo steaks! We also stayed at the Springfield, IL KOA. We took our son the the Abraham Lincoln museum there. Really nice museum. Plenty of nice little resturants there as well.
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    In Nebraska, you could stop in Ogalalla, Ne. They have a Frontier Street.

    Kearney, Ne they have the Gateway to the West that is built over I80. They say that is fantastic.

    I am sure camping is close to both places.

    Iowa--Des Moines area camping at Sailorville Lake just about 10 miles north of I80. At the Altoona, Ia exit (Just east of D.M.) is Adventureland Park. They have a campgound next to it. Very nice amusement park.

    I suggest you Google for State CGs.

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    We have done several cross country trips over the past 7 yrs of owning our PU. We made some reservations usually the first night and then kind of winged it the rest. I brought along a Trailer Life Directory which lists campgrounds and state parks for the US. About an hour before we felt we wanted to stop I would check the directory and call ahead for vacancy. It worked really great for us.

    How long will you have for this trip? Is there any reason you are not connecting to interstate 90 rather than going through NE and IA? I90 you can stop by Mt Rushmore and take that over to Oshgosh. There is a little more to sightsee along the way than on I80. Just a thought.

    One thing we did on the our last month long outing we tried to stay at the state we were in one of their state parks to get a flavor of the parks. It was great and we got to see quite a bit and talk to the locals.

    I live in AZ and have family in MN, TX, PA and NY so we have done a bit of traveling to see them.

    Hope this helps.

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    i concur with maromeo go see Mt Rushmore go through so dakota and that route

    Welcome to go home!
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    Oct 30, 2008
    Mary, I found your post very helpful, too. We are planning a long trek across the country and I felt the need to have a reservation at a campground for every night. Have you tried the "winging" it plan during the summer? I was concerned that we would be ready to sleep and have no place to set up camp.
    I have also found the Iowa Parks site to be a bit confusing, so I am going to have my campground book and map with me the next time I get online there.
    : - )
    Thank you!

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Scott - you definitely need to talk to Digger. He's one of the admins here on the portal (which you probably already know), and he's done cross-country trips. In fact, he's planning another one right now. I imagine he'll have some great tips.

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