Crow Creek Mine CG

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    Crow Creek Mine CG is located in Girdwood, AK about 3 miles up Crow Creek Rd. About 2.5 miles of the road is gravel, and can have frost heaves early on in the season. The CG has no services, and only two porta-potties, but the sites are quite wooded and private, which is rare for Alaska. There are about three that are big rig friendly, and the other 12 are PUP friendly, and mostly level. Area is beautiful. You can visit the mine and pan for gold. You can also walk to the "hand tram" trail right from the CG, which is what most people come this way to do. Rates are $10 per night. Pay in the office when open or drop box after hours. Only about 45 minutes from Anchorage. 4G service available too, which is also rare, but nice. 20180525_194447.jpg 20180526_151356.jpg

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