Crystal MT Ski Area (RV parking)

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    We've done several overnights up at Crystal Mountain over the past few summers, and have really enjoyed it.

    First off, the RV parking area is open year round, but is extremely popular during the winter months while the mountain is operating. With heavy snow fall and low temperatures, this is anything but tent trailer weather.

    The summers are a very different story. Many if not all the spots are open all week, and you may see 2 to 3 other campers on the weekend. For us it's become a hidden gem during the summer months as its always empty.

    The RV parking area is located along the outer edge of the B lot and offers 40 power hook up spots, and I believe its currently being expanded to offer many more. It's a wide open gravel parking lot, but each spot is positioned on the edge with trees grass and a small river a few yards behind you.

    Though it lacks privacy especially compared to the more traditional camping areas, it makes up for it with low summer time use, beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and ridgeline's, and easy access to the resorts gondola and summit restaurant. It's a quick 5 minute walk to the base lodge which offers a small general store, bathrooms (open only during the day) and the gondola to the summit. Ride the gondola up and your immediately rewarded with unbelievable views of Mount Rainier only a few miles away. The restaurant offers relatively good food for brunch, lunch and dinner. Good food, strong cocktails and a great local beer selection. From the top of the gondola there are also several day hike trails that take you around the ski area and eventually back to the base of the mountain. Along the way you'll pass several high alpine lakes, fields and ridgelines covered with wildflowers as well as some incredible views of the surrounding peaks and wildlife.

    In short, easy parking with wide open powered spots. Plenty to do. Ride the gondola up, have a great meal with a breathtaking view, ride or hike back down for a quite evening back at the tent trailer. Fires are permitted an above ground fire pit only.

    Be sure to check the Crystal Mountain website first see which events might be taking place that weekend. These events include frisbee golf tournaments to several Brewfests conducted both at the base of the mountain and back up at the Summit.

    Only issue is the lack of restroom availability at night. The only restrooms located near the camping area are located in the base lodge which is closed at night.
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    While I'm familiar with Crystal Mtn. I would never have thought to camp there outside of ski season!

    Thanks for sharing.

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