Cuivre River, Troy MO


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Mar 16, 2015
We took our first trip to Cuivre River this past weekend. My wife, who is French (1st US generation), is appalled at how the locals pronounce it but after getting past that she (and I) very much enjoyed the park. The park is rather large and has great trails, canoe & kayak rentals for a reasonable price, decent activities for the kids, and a beach on the lake. We also had the enjoyable adventure of trying to leave the park before the roads were flooded on Sunday morning.

The one issue we had was the bath house and and outhouses around the campground. They were not maintained nor well stocked. A little bit of effort here would go a long way.

I read a review or posting somewhere mentioning that the roads in were a bit tricky for towing. I did not find this to be the case. There are 2 or 3 steep hills depending on which entrance you take but nothing that is unmanageable.

Overall, it's a great place for a weekend trip and it's only have an hour from our house. We will be returning.


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Apr 17, 2014
Glad to hear you beat out the floods this weekend. Having stayed there before I can attest to a similar experience with the facilities, but I think/thought that it was due to the boy scouts that had overrun the park. Usually Missouri state park facilities are well maintained. Our kids enjoyed the fishing and swimming at the lake. We didn't enjoy the wake up call from the car alarm that went off from 5:30am until the battery died around 8 am. The owner left and the ranger was not able to get ahold of this person at all so everyone that was in the area was wide awake and grumpy leaving the park.