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Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by Strut, Sep 2, 2014.

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    I made reservations to camp here for the first time this Labor Day weekend. I won't do a full review as we didn't end up staying and this is my only experience.

    We made our reservations online as they still had sites left after making last minute plans to stay near Lake Cumberland (1 month in advance for a major holiday). I usually stay at Kendal CG below the dam, but they had no availability. We booked a non-electric site suitable for a 20' PUP according to the website. Well, the site was a disaster... literally. The entire site had been washed out to bare dirt, with several 2'-3' deep gullies eroded throughout. Even the paved road up to the site was completely gone. I know this could happen anywhere due to inclement weather, but most of this damage has been there for quite some time, I'd say for a year at least. Even if I'm wrong and the damage happened recently, no one notified me to make other arrangements, nor did they tell me when I arrived. I only found out after I checked in and went to setup.

    After I complained, they did offer me 4 alternative sites to choose from. Great I thought, the weekend isn't a total loss!

    Trying to find the 4 available sites gave me the opportunity to explore the rest of the campground. I'll just say that it didn't get any better. Nearly all sites are all on a cleared ridge top, right next to each other, with no privacy. Most sites I saw didn't even have their own fire pit and/or picnic table, and if they did, it was located far away from the pad due to steep terrain or lack of space. One site they offered me had a telephone pole and associated support wires right in the middle of the site. I didn't see a single site that I would recommend staying in.

    I didn't go into any of the facilities, but judging from the outside apperances, they are nothing to speak of.

    In desperation I called Wolf Creek Kendal campground about 4pm Friday evening, just in case they had a cancellation. Thankfully they did, and I was able to save my trip. We even got a great site there!

    I was given a phone number to call in order to get to a refund from Cumberland State Park. We'll see how that goes.

    I will say that this area is a great place to visit, I just can't recommend staying in this CG.
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    Kentucky's State Parks, the last several i've looked at anyway, are in serious need of refurbishing. We visited Cumberland a few weeks ago and marked it off the list for places to go. Checked Kendall the same day and found it to be better, but still lacking. There is another section that is being re-worked and was not open yet. It might have possibilities.
    We did camp the weekend at Cumberland point COE cg. I'll post my thoughts in another post

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