Delaware seashore state park campground


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Feb 13, 2015
I have reserved a 3 night stay for 4th of July weekend 2015 at the Delaware seashore campground. Does anyone know if you can see the fireworks from that beach? Or what is the better beach to see the fireworks, Bethany or Rehoboth?


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Aug 8, 2013
Just reserved for 3 days in August before heading south to assatague state park for 2 nights. Then I have 500 miles and 3 days to get home.


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Aug 13, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
silverfz said:
Just reserved for 3 days in August before heading south to assatague state park for 2 nights. Then I have 500 miles and 3 days to get home.
what dates in august? I will be at castaways aug 6-12th


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Oct 10, 2013
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Never been there for the fourth of July so can't comment about that. I camped there just last year. I grabbed the only site available so it wasn't a prime spot, but I really enjoyed myself. Bathrooms were amazingly clean. I had a spot near the road, but had the inlit view. Sites are narrow and fairly small. Some people had to park their cars in a parking lot as they just couldn't fit everything. However most people were away at the beach or out fishing on the inlet. So the small sites didn't bother me too much. If going to the boardwalk you got to get up gosh darn early to find a parking spot otherwise take the bus. Parking is lousy in town and often full. With that said the bus stop was right in the park and a short walk away from where I was staying. I plan to stay again as it was very enjoyable. Next time I plan to get the bus pass and the Delaware launch certificate so I don't have to pay Astronomical fees for launching my kayak or worry about parking in town.


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Nov 25, 2015
We stayed at the new Campground at the Inlet in November for 4 days. Each site has WSE but you might want to bring a black trashbag to cover the huge light on each electric post. It was rather annoying at night till I put a dogbed over it!
The bathrooms are new and nice but the shower stall has no dressing area.
All of the sites are real close to the water and you can see the Coast Guard and fishing and pleasure boats going in and out.
There were not a lot of campers there when we were there but hear it is full during the summer.
The sunsets were amazing and the bridge at night was lit up like nothing I have ever seen.
There is no shade there so take a screenhouse or something.
Our next DE trip will be Trap Pond.


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Aug 8, 2013
August 7 to 8. Castaway looks good. I just could not swing the money.
We are camping 18 days in a 5 week period and travelling around 2500 miles so had to budget or else we usually camp at places like castaways.

We have a camper and with the ac we are a little insulated.


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Aug 8, 2013
We are back , I just loved this park. Next time I am doing the northern. Side as the north side beaches allow dogs. Even though I took Gigi after ,,6 pm I rather.not. also there is 2 restaurant and a bar behind the northern side .Incase u want to grab some seafood or have a few drinks .

There was no shade so the 100 plus days were felt ,my 15000 btu ac was cranking all day .

The water was amazing for a new England resident ,we spend so many hours in it. We even went in the night for the dog to play in it.

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