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    20180702_161711.jpg 20180702_130116.jpg 20180704_125144.jpg 20180704_180440.jpg Just returned from several days at Devils Fork on the incredibly beautiful Lake Jocassee. This was our first trip here and we will certainly be back! There were a lot of positives about this park, a few negatives, and a few misconceptions I came across in my research of internet reviews I wanted to clear up.

    We were lucky to get a spot, like all popular parks, especially on a holiday week. We had a interior site 22. The sites are paved and level but narrow. The table and fire ring were on gravel and each site comes with a separate tent pad also on gravel. All were surrounded by 1x1 wood barriers. If you like to rearrange your setup, like I do, you cannot at this park. Certainly not a deal breaker but was slightly annoying. The campground was very wooded, spacious, and not good for busses although 2 managed to squeeze in including a modified school bus (they called the cool bus lol). So there were lots of pups there and I really liked that. The pads are long enough for a camper and 2 cars although I did see a couple squeeze their boat in, one turned their pup to the side to get it all in! The big downside to the campground are the bathhouses. There are only 2 and have 2 showers each. With a full campground with each site having lots of kids or groups there was always a long line for a shower. They look awesome on the outside but 1940s on the inside. They appear to be heated but not cooled so the doors were propped open a lot which let the bugs in. With the traffic they stayed wet and dirty all the time. Again not a dealbreaker but something to be aware of if you have kids like I do. There is no lake access from the campground. If you do drive to the lake you risk not finding parking when busy. The lake access is about a quarter mile from the campground. Had no problem with bugs or mosquitos except flies.

    The lake is fantastic. With it being private and the only lake access is in the park, it was not crowded at all. There is minimal parking so when it fills up, usually by 10am that week, they turn everyone away. There are 3 launches, 2 for boats and one for non motorized. I really liked not having to launch the kayaks around boats. This lake is a paddlers dream. The water is crystal clear with lots of waterfalls. With just a few boats able to get on it made it all the better. I am new to kayaking and was so worried about all the wakes. Not here. There is a place to rent kayaks, paddleboards and canoes if you need them too. They also scuba dive in this lake. A couple things to be aware of...if you do bring a boat you cannot tie it up at the launches and leave it. You have to stay with it or pull it out. There are no lighted channel markers so it it pitch black at night.

    The lake has about 6ft of rock all around the shore you have to climb over to get in. Past that there are beach areas but the lake was at capacity so the beaches were all underwater when we were there. I was told it is really nice when the levels are down. The shore is grassy with trees to hide from the sun in some areas. I didn't care for climbing over the rock but the kids didn't care and we all had a great time. The swimming area is cordoned off from boaters. There are no lifeguards.

    Although there are no bike trails, there is plenty of road to ride. So bring the bikes. Also the firepits have been cleaned a little too much and the firewood at the camp store was very green. Our pit was a good foot deep and with the green wood I had nothing but super smokey fires. The firewood at the bait shop right outside the park has better firewood cheaper. They also have a nice store with paddling and boat gear and make hot sandwiches and ice cream by the scoop. The camp store was also well stocked and the ice was average priced. There is a Dollar General about 10 min drive away. The cell reception for Verizon was excellent all over the park and the campstore has free wifi.

    Although this should go without saying for this area, but it is bear country. Two of our neighbors saw several young bears in the park near the campground and the park staff told how they are very smart about getting in the trash bins. I did not see or hear of any raccoons. So keep your food in the car and dispose of your trash properly.

    I hope this helps the next camper. We loved the park and will be back soon. Happy camping!

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    Love Joccassee. just be careful paddling.. Storms can make it extremely rough very quick
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    We camped there when I was a kid in my parent's slide in camper. There was a dock, boat launch, and parking lot.

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