Directions on how to build a simple Kitchen Shelf Mod

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Nov 25, 2009


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Apr 4, 2010
I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the OP for posting this. This was a great space-making mod that a non-handyman like me could easily tackle. I can't wait to test it out in our first camp of the season in two weeks.

Thanks again!


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May 13, 2009
San Francisco Bay Area
We installed and used these shelves last season and love the mod but unfortunately they've fallen several times. What kinds of adhesive have been used to adhere the poles to the roof and the countertop?


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Sep 7, 2008
Niagara Falls, ON
Not an answer, but along the same line: Where I put the little cups into the ceiling, it is just styrofoam roof. I need a way to better fasten them. I am "considering" peeling down the liner that is up there, glueing up some thin panel (door skin?) about 8" x 36" on to the styrofoam and then replacing the liner. That would give me a more solid place to hold up those little cups, and give better support to the poles pressure, distributing it across more of the sytrofoam.

Appreciate thoughts on both hsuehwhite's adhesive question along with my idea. (really, I'm not trying to hijack, as this may be part of the overall solution).



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Oct 7, 2009
We had to make some adjustments when doing this mod. Our closet rods fit inside our tracks, so had to insert small wooden blocks to create a gap allowing the shelf supports to be inserted in the track holes. Using the screw hole on the track, we screwed through the block and into the closet rod, at the top. We used tie wraps for the bottom. Once we figured that out, it was clear sailing from there! We have our shelves over the counter next to our sink, above our microwave. Camped this weekend and had all the food necessary to feed a family of 5 stored on the shelves, one bag on the counter, and in our cooler. Loved the open look to the unit--didn't block the sunlight or make you feel closed in. Just need to shorten the tracks to make it easier to tighten the closet poles when setting up. This is a GREAT mod! Thanks!


Jun 24, 2010
Great mod, I did this in my camper and it added a ton of storage space, not to mention
making it easier to be a little more organized in a small space.

very good directions.


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Aug 7, 2009
I will definitely have to make something like this, especially to keep the 2 year old from getting into all of the food in the mornings....


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Sep 20, 2007
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Great Mod.
I used the same wire shelving and made one long shelf above counter and stove. Screwed 6 eye hooks to the ceiling. S hooks and a few short pieces of chain to hang the shelf. Now I have a 45 inch shelf that is tall enough to hold cereal boxes. If wind blows, it just moves along with it. I put the lip in the front. Holds a lot of food. Put a short piece of cardboard on the bunk end to put cell phones and eye glasses ect.


Jul 25, 2010

Thank you for the great idea, it worked so well DW wants more.
Yeah Yeah.... I still haven't fixed the ceiling


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Jul 9, 2009
Tigard, Oregon
I built mine entirely using PVC pipe because I didn't want to mess with the roof. The shelves disassemble for easy storage and sit comfortably on a cabinet when in use. Very easy to do...


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Mar 25, 2009
I love mine when it's not falling down. I have yet to be able to find an adhesive that will make it stay. Mostly I have trouble with the adhesive on the counter tops. I can't tighten the pole anymore for fear of damaging the roof. I really wish I could get it to stay put. My DH said he could drill a hole in the counter top to lock down the little cup to hold the shower pole but I don't like the idea of drilling and making it permanent. I figure it's because we live here in Texas where my pup sits out in the bloody heat all the time and the adhesive just won't stand up to that kind of heat.

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Nov 18, 2008
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We just picked up some of the stackable plastic shelves at Target and place them on a foldable shelf that I made to fit in the blind space behind the sink. It works well for us and the shelves store under the table when the pup is closed. We tried the built shelves and with the first wind, they collasped because I didn't secure the top to the roof. We like the stackables because if we are only going for 2 nights, we only use a few of them.



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Feb 14, 2007
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I just used anchors screwed onto the back of the swing over galley. The shelving posts just slide into the anchors. Works well. No drilling or worry about them falling down when the roof wiggles.



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Sep 8, 2007
Nice looking kitchen shelves. Is there a limit on the shelving that can be added?


Jul 20, 2010
Set up the same mod as the OP. Love it! Thanks for the idea.

The slotted rail is screwed into the rod at the top, and hose clamped in the middle since the inside rod travels farther than the 2nd screw hole. Also, the top end cups are screwed into the A/C supports, and the bottom ones are just double stick taped to the cabinet top. It's very sturdy.



Feb 16, 2009
I LIKE YOUR IDEA CAMPINGRANNY. the heat and humidity are awful here too, and anything with adhesive just does not last, even if i clean the spot with alcohol prior to sticking on. i even used gorilla glue and it did not last. i had to use lighter fluid to remove the glue residue from ceiling and behind my flip up gally. [:(O]