disposable or reusable?

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    We keep adding options to our camping supplies, which means we can use what works best in current circumstances. We do use paper goods for probably half or less of our dishes on most days. Sometimes it's more. I hate plastic utensils, so we pretty much always use real ones. The disposable ones are buried under one of the dinette benches, but come in handy every now and again, so there they stay. This year, I found Dixie came out with a larger paper bowl, which is going to be handy when we have power and need to microwave a frozen meal. We try to remember to set things out for the next day, but every now and again we forget or our plans change, so we can put things into our eating dishes to heat them up.
    [We never have a campfire, they're often banned anyway, so depending on burning paper goods isn't in our plans.]
    I still like having our real dishes, most of which are Fiestaware these days. However, we do use paper plates on some mornings, for pancakes or egg dishes, because if it's chilly, the hot food cools off instantly if we use the real dishes.
    This year, we had 2 different week-long trips in Colorado where we were dependent on the water we could haul with us, so being conservative with usage was more important than ever. At least for those trips, we could use our full water system, i.e. hot water tank, so doing dishes was easy, even with water conservation. We had several days last month where we drained the water system, because of an unexpectedly cold spell - it snowed, and the lows were around 30, although had been predicted to be in the teens. That meant heating water on the stove for dishes, which is do-able, but much handier outside with the camp stove, as we did for 2+ decades. Having the option to use mostly paper made it easier on that trip.
    It's all about balance for us.
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    Disposable dishes and cups. Reusable utensils.

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