DIY folding pop-up table -Cheap and sturdy!

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    ECD31F68-7C1F-4BEE-8C4F-E885C81B68C2.jpeg BAEF0C5A-C6F1-476B-8386-2AAE7006814F.jpeg C177B4EF-50D1-4C8E-80C2-662ECECCBC21.jpeg 2B7865BF-B8B8-4204-8286-75AEBC78471B.jpeg AC6D8EA3-FF9D-4E12-A46B-6156BC0CD6D7.jpeg 7C4F2F98-9D28-4305-96F9-070963A896BB.jpeg BAEF0C5A-C6F1-476B-8386-2AAE7006814F.jpeg My new to me pop up did not have the table. I came up with a cheap and sturdy fix.
    1. Cut a sturdy board for the top. I cut mine to fit so that I could it store with the seat backs on it.
    2. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $40-$50 for 2 folding legs. So, I found a kid sized card table which was just the right width.
    3. I firmly attached the table to the underside of the board making sure the screws did not go through.
    4. Because I’m always looking at maps I glued down a laminated US map on top, sanded the edges of the top and applied 3 coats of varnish.
    5. To extend the legs I bought a length of pvc that would slide over the existing legs when I set it up. I capped the ends with chair leg protectors. I made the finished table 29 inches high. My pvc extensions are 25 inches which is how far they slide up the legs.
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