Do you bring any electronics


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May 21, 2013
Just wondering what if any electronics you bring with you on a trip. DW brings her kindle and I have my tablet. DS has a PS3 in the TV. oh and what other options would you want in your pup. Like a small portable flat screen, Ipod and things of that nature.


Sep 16, 2011
If we're camping with hookups, I'll pack a flat screen tv, dvd player and movie projector (for movie nite outside when camping with the grandkids).



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Jun 2, 2011
I think you have enough. Just make sure you also remember to enjoy the outdoors while you camp.


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Apr 22, 2013
Clarkston, MI
I always take my laptop w/ the aircard, tv w/ the tailgater (portable satellite antenna) & the Roadstar 2000 (over the air antenna), my electric cooler OR the below counter Fridge - & depending on if there's electrical hook-up, maybe the small generator.

Don't leave home without them! lol


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Sep 27, 2010
My iPad to watch a movie or two if we can't fire night and always have my iPhone to keep tabs on Facebook and PopUpPortal! [:D]


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Oct 1, 2012
medicmike5969 said:
I always take my laptop w/ the aircard, tv w/ the tailgater (portable satellite antenna) & the Roadstar 2000 (over the air antenna), my electric cooler OR the below counter Fridge - & depending on if there's electrical hook-up, maybe the small generator.

Don't leave home without them! lol

do you need to pay a fee for the satalite TV with the portable antenna?


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Apr 8, 2012
We only bring 'city toys' for unexpected rainy days. My wife packs here iPad mini, and we bring the 19" flatscreen tv with built in dvd player and a few multi-movie dvd's of stuff we've never seen. If we're forced to go inside the pup for a while, we have something to occupy us.

We have always kept/used a small battery-powered am/fm/weather radio since the tenting days for pleasant background music (and the obvious weather radio benefit).

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Feb 19, 2010
Central Wisconsin
We keep a radio in the camper and I only bring my cell phone which stays in the camper. I'll only check it occasionally to see if I've missed any important calls.

We went camping last week for the first time since my DD's got their Nooks for Christmas. I told them they could NOT bring them. Their response was "We know."


Mar 17, 2013
I have to say when I walk by an rv with a big flat screen and/or dish i have to laugh. Must be from 10 yrs of tent camping... I just think it's our time to slow down. We are tied to our electronics at home (look at me I'm on the internet past midnight!!!). Our last trip we brought our phones and laptop. And had a weather radio in the pup. The laptop only to play movies for downtime (getting ready for bed or if it rains). I wanted the phones there for any emergencies cause we have small kids and me and DH come from big families. But I would really like a vacation with no electronics or barely any. I don't like when the kids ask during camping to play a game on our smartphones, when there is a million things to do involving nature. Me and DH kinda have differing opinions on this, he would like to bring them, I wouldn't. I had the biggest prob when he was checking work emails. I mean what is he going to do TEN HOURS AWAY??? That is what a vacation is for!!! To forget about home stuff!!! LOL


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Apr 26, 2012
We always bring a camera or two. We also have a small AM/FM/Weather radio, but it mostly stays silent. We definitely bring it out if we want to keep tabs on threatening weather, and occasionally for dinner music or news. We have out cell phones with us, but don't always have coverage at campgrounds, of course. The kids may have a tiny portable DVD player. We usually have a little netbook computer, used for taking the photos off the camera nightly, and sometimes for checking the internet if we're at a place with wifi. We also usually have a ham radio, which may or may not see use at the campsite.

Despite the fact that we've got a lot of gadgets, none of them have loud speakers, some are silent, and some are used with headphones. You won't hear our electronics unless you're on our site.


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Jul 30, 2012
Nothing!! When we go Camping, we go to get away - we don't even take a radio. And our phones - OFF. I'm on computers everyday at work and every night at home. I want to go and get away from it all. We take books to read and games to play. I take my project book and spend time thinking about more mod's for the trailer [:D]


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May 20, 2010
We have the analog travel scrabble game, but I must say we've now been spoiled by the IPAD version and so we bring the tablet for fireside gaming at night. No need for a light, no more struggling to add up scores, and no arguing over what is a word....


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May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
I have a weather band radio which I generally don't turn on unless things look suspicious. Of course, I bring my camera equipment and I have a laptop for initial photo editing in the field and checking email when I'm in a free wi-fi hotspot. I don't use it to watch DVD movies. This year I'll be bringing my new Nook but I think of that as a book rather than an electronic device. I know it is, but I have always read before bed when camping and the Nook will allow me to do it but not carry the bulk of several books. This is just a reader, not an internet-enabled tablet. I also bring a cell phone (not a smart phone) in case I have an emergency or to check in with DW when I'm camping alone, so she knows I'm OK. It's off when I'm not using it for those purposes. In fact, it's often useless because many of the places I camp are out of cell range.


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May 31, 2011
I take my smart phone, which has my book apps. DH takes his tablet for his book apps. We always take a camera or two, and depending on how long we're going to be gone, I'll take the laptop to upload photos.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
We usually take the Kindles, one of the pleasures of camping is lots of time to read. We take the cell phones but often have intermittent coverage. Same with computer and iPad, though sometimes (as at the KOA I'm replying from) we have wi-fi at camp. DH sometimes has his MP3 player, especially if he is going to backpack - it gives him some entertainment when he is confined to his tent for hours in a thunderstorm.
On longer trips, I have been known to download pics to the laptop, but not often.

Some of our use depends on the trip. This (long) weekend has been a real mix - we are cabin camping, we have visited RMNP, met the visiting BIL & family in Estes Park, and visited another family about an hour and a half away So we have been using the phones to coordinate, computers to check weather and other information, etc.

DH got a SPOT for Christmas, so we will be figuring hour how I can check his progress on solo backpacks, by finding wi-fi and receiving his "I'm OK" message. [The "in trouble, need immediate rescue" messages go by a different route.]


Jun 16, 2012
We bring them, but only use at bedtime. The tv is used for our toddler to watch her fave DVD as she winds down & drifts off to sleep. Our preteen likes to listen to her iPod to help her drift off to sleep as well. We have our cell phones also, but they are off & only turned on to check the time or in case of emergency.


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Jun 10, 2011
Yes we bring electronics. I have a kindle fire and one of our sons uses a regular kindle ...we love to read [;)] also our boys like to watch movies so we bring our laptop. I like taking lots of pictures so our camera is another item we always bring. We have the weather radio/handheld Cb for weather emergencies. And a smart phone to keep up with news.


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Apr 22, 2013
Clarkston, MI

I have Dish Network @ home, so I just take the receiver that I have here in the computer room & hook that up to the Tailgater & the tv - so I don't pay any extra on it.


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Aug 23, 2012
We brought our cell phones and iPads. I agree with the scrabble game on the iPads, it's a pleasure to play. I was able to do some school work for college classes I am taking using my iPad and phone as a hot spot which really came in handy. Overall we only use our electronics at night when winding down.