Do you buy a screen tent to go over the picnic table?


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Feb 6, 2007
Centerville, OH
I have had one that I used over the picnic table. It died in a violent thunderstorm that also did canvas damage to my Coleman pup. I have never replaced it since I ended up with a new pup...

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Jul 25, 2007
We bought one of the new easier to put up screen rooms to put over the picnic table when the bugs get bad or it is raining. The wife loves to use it. [{}=]


Jul 9, 2008
Easton, PA
Just about the time we bought the PUP, the local Coleman Store was closing up and I got a 12' x 15' screen room (this one I think) for half price. I don't regret that. [:D]
On a trip with the DW, I set it up over the picnic table, then cooked in it. She was worried about that. I thought it'd be good to hold the dog, but she didn't want to be in it without us, and the DW didn't want to move her chair into it. There weren't really any bugs or rain and we usually eat & sit under the PUP awning or around the camp fire. And those trips are usually only 2 nights. So, I haven't used it on those trips anymore.
But on the kayaking trips to Canada, it always get put up. Usually over a big table. (There's always lots of biting bugs there.) Also on other kayaking, especially if expecting rain. If nothing else, it consolidates all the cooking gear.

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Feb 15, 2008
We have a First Up from Wal-Mart and it is very easy to set up. However, we find we don't use it too much and in fact we're leaving it home on our next trip. With a pop-up, there is so much set-up to do anyway that having to set-up one more thing is just a hassle. It does fit over all the campground picnic table we have encountered, with room to walk around.


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Jun 23, 2009
Whitesburg, GA
We camped at Georgia Veterns SP in Cordele GA last October. Beautiful place but the bugs were really bad...had to find a Wally World and went ahead and purchased our screen tent for such situations. Here are some pics of our site and the CG.



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Oct 28, 2008
Albert and Melanie said:
We have 2 of the first up canopies from Wal Mart ($87 ea), and 2 of the screens you attach ($30 ea). We don't always use both, and we don't always use the screens, but they're durable and easy to put together and take down. Here's a pic with both in use. To put them together w/o a screen separating them Albert just unzips one screen panel and removes it.


Here's a side view, and yep, the dog got in trouble for being on the table, LOL!


I have been thinking of buying this one from walmart since last year. Keep waiting for it to go on sale, but nope not yet. Its $97 at our walmart. And the screen and curtains are $26 each. So how easy is it to put up.

We have a 10 x 14 screen room that we use now, and it works great when steaked down. but, it takes up may be 1.5 hours to put all the poles together. DH and I need some thing easier. So I take it you would recommend this as you have 2. And how do you connect them, thats pretty cool.



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Jul 3, 2008
We got a screen room for a wedding gift a few years back. It's the Ozark Trail version from walmart, though I don't recall what size it is. It isn't to bad to put up/take down, but we don't set it up every trip. Typically we'll set it up if we're staying for 3+ nights. We used to set it up to eat under, but with a one year old(now two) it was easier to sit in the pup because he could reach the table better.

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