Do you camp cold? If so. where?

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    We do a lot of winter camping. Woke up many of times with snow on the canvas of the popup or motorhome.

    There are always places to camp. Many state parks close off services such as bathrooms, water accessibility my be closed all but one in the park. Most of the COE close early. Many campgrounds not remove snow. We were just in WI and MN and there are several SP open year round.

    If dry camping? First you need a plan for heat and battery to operate the furnace. As it gets colder there are less available amps from your battery. We have done the wave heaters, bigbuddy, and the furnace. We find 2 plus 100 amp batteries and solar works well for us.

    We will many times see a break in the weather and dewinterize but are alway prepared to winterize in the field. If dry camping, most propane fridges continue to burn propane some small amount. This can end up with the fridge becoming a freezer. If on electric it will turn off. So there are many times we might run the fridge 2 to 4 hours a day.

    I'm not sure what is so special about 2 AM, but it always seems if I'm going to have heat problems its alway a nudge from the DW at 2 AM that the heat is not working. Something about getting out of a warm bed and putting on ice cold shoes and pants make you want to crawl back into the warm bed. I like to have two heat options.
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