Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?


May 5, 2007
I'm curious if any of you have been made fun of or discriminated against because you have a PUP? I recently purchased a 2002 Palomino and was talking to my kids about the campground they go to with their dad (he has a big travel trailer). Anyway my dd12 was telling me that at this particular location there are basically no pups and that if I went there I would likely be made fun of. Mind you that when her father and I were married we had a pup so they have had no problem camping in one. She was just trying to protect my feelings and warn me that this kind of behavior exists among adults! The more I got to thinking about it, the more it hurt my feelings but also made me mad. Yes, I should be confident enough to just suck it up and go down there if I want but it still bothers me. Would I like to have a TT some day? Yes, but it was more important for me to get a camper I could afford (paid cash) and simply get out there and spend quality family with my kids.

I know people everywhere are cruel but hopefully we will all be a little more respectful of others, no matter what they are camping in (or in any situation). Thanks for letting me vent.


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Mar 10, 2008
Highland Springs Va
I think there 2nd class people. I think camping in a pop-up is camping!!!!! hard side campers with out canvas is more RVING and i am not into RVING. Plus i get good mpg towing my pup that a TT. I have been looked down on when i talk to people about camping and tell them i have a pop-up but this is what make me HAPPY. If there happy in a large fiberglass box good for them for me i love the openess of my PUP!!!!

RAGAR Family

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Sep 19, 2011
It's just a human's fallen nature, to (among other things) try and make ourselves feel better by comparing ourselves to each other. We all do it in some form or another, myself included. Ever drive by a homeless person and have that quick second thought looking down your nose at them or to a coworker comparing what kind of car you drive, thinking your better off or better at managing your money etc.

I have heard of campgrounds not allowing pups and I have never encountered it but I am sure that the BIG RVers and 5th wheelers look down their nose at us and tent campers.

But hey....

We are breed unto ourselves.

So just remember those poor people are sitting in or driving a giant gas sucking bus type vehicle that cost about the same as a modest home. They don't know the joys of our PUP life.


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Mar 4, 2003
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Right now, that I am popuperless, in fact camperless, back to the tent or having to mooch space in my friend's TT ... well .... I really feel 3rd rate!
Now long for the days past when I could at least feel 2nd rate in the presence of those huge 5th Wheeler's and fancy TT's. And what about those fancy Greyhound bus conversions that must have at least cost $300,000.00 - that really makes one feel insignificant. Except, of course, when I towed the little p'up back into some favorite campsites that one of those behemoths couldn't even drive down the access road to get to the place much less camp there! Then I'd always feel first rate!


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Nov 12, 2006
to tell you the truth, for me, I believe that the big RV'ers are really trying to keep up with the jones, yes they have a big ole RV, but they also have the cost of it too, think of the second morgage they have to have on those things, and when you finely get it paid off, its old and you have to get another one to keep up with the jones again, and the gas milage, 100 gallons will get them around 300-500 miles down the road, whereas for us 100 gallons will get us close to 2000 or more miles down that same road, and when they do go camping, most of the time, they stay inside and do nothing, where as we have fun enjoying everything,, I could just as well stay at home than go in a big ole RV and sit in all day and not enjoy nature


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Jul 24, 2011
It sounds like dd12 is passing in something she heard from someone else, not something she came up with. And at that age anyway, peer pressure and how you look to others is overly important.

I have an A-frame so i cant even claim tent status. Idrgaf about the others. My camper is cool and conservative, easy to manage and maintain. I am not jealous of the cost or labor of a big rig.


May 5, 2007
I am quite certain she is repeating what she heard, she is mature beyond her years.

I'd love to get one of those bumper stickers!


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Mar 19, 2012
RAGAR Family said:
Makes you want to get one of those "DON'T LAUGH IT'S PAID FOR." bumper stickers for you pup when you go into snooty RVING territory.

Or "OMG! I get great MPG, How 'bout you?" Or "When not out playing, I fit in a regular garage[" etc etc etc

We never have felt inferior. I think it was a 12 year old talking...probably not your daughter. Some adults don't behave like adults....self included. She may have witnessed that behavior.

Be content in all situations and with what you have. You are blessed!


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Sep 13, 2010
We have had people come talk to us at campgrounds about camping in a pup. Questions about how we pack everything in, handle cold nights and rain. They usually want to know how everyone sleeps. I think the biggest problem with most people is they never looked inside a pup when they were shopping for their trailer. Most, and I say most..there are exceptions..women help shop for a camper. Those women want all the comforts of home to make things easier for themselves and the kids. Dad goes along to make mom happy and buys the big RV. I have heard many men state that they would have a pup but the wife would never go for it. We bought ours new so we paid around 10 grand for our pup and we were asked why we didn't get a used hard side for that price..we didn't want a bigger TV or use more as. Our friends with the big RV's have made comments about our "tent with wheels" and we laugh at them for having a second house. Who really cares what others say or think...those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.


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Jul 24, 2011
I dont know if the big rigs would have a way to discriminate against you, or make fun of you.

I sometimes go to a very luxe rv resort type place off-season, went there in may this year and on thanksgiving weekend last fall... When we go we now our A frame will be the only popup there....

However, the resort does have a few sites that are bordered by trees on 3 sides, that are back-in with partial hookups far away from the pullthroughs deskgned for the larger units..

Choosing the woodsy sites we never feel too small or encroached upon, we're not stuck into the middle of the big rigs which would not work for us.

Would we do this all the time? No. But when squeezing in trips in the off season it is far more convenient for us than a long trip to a state park and running the furnance all night with no hookups. Lol.

Upside too is the bathhouse is usually pretty empty and clean because we are the ony ones in the whole place that dont bring our bathroom and shower with us.


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Feb 20, 2012
Oddly, it's never even occurred to me to feel like a second-class citizen at all because of my pup. DW and I purchased ours because we wanted a pup- didn't want a 5er, a TT, or anything else big and bulky. Could we have bought one of those? Sure. Could we have financed some huge "look at me!" Aerosmith tour bus-looking Class A? Dunno- but I sure as hell wouldn't even consider it!

Toys should be bought with cash, IMHO, and in no event do things make the person.

But everyone already knows that...right?


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Sep 11, 2008
Morris County, NJ
If they don't like our pup then tough s*** on them! We have camped at very large CG's with lots of class A's and 5'ers before and never had anyone or got the feeling we were 2nd class folks.


May 14, 2012
I don't feel bad about my pup. My parents own a 3 year old rolling Hilton. It's perfect for them, they're rv park people(my goal is to have them come camp with me sans hookups at some point). They're "toy" people.. They have money to be, but I know they wouldn't look down on someone how how they choose to do things, hell, they owned everything at this point, a pup in the 70's(before my time), a camper(that I did not love and would usually tent while they were inside haha) a 5th wheel, a motor home and now they're on their 2nd tt.

I do have one set of friends who bought an old, really ugly trailer, like really really ugly trailer, and they have said things to me that have been a little derogatory, but I brush it off for the same reasons previous stated by other posters... My pup is small enough for me to handle, my vehicle to tow, sleeps myself and my girls(and a crapload of their friends), carries all our stuff and it's less than 10 years old and in good shape.

If someone doesn't like my pup, it's their issue, not mine:)


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Oct 7, 2009
In April we staying in a campground with almost exclusively all TT. Did we feel inferior? Nope! I felt blessed to be able to get outdoors, enjoy traveling, and having a bed to sleep on. I don't want a house on wheels. I want to CAMP! I love being able to hear the sounds of the nighttime and rain hitting the canvas. I don't want to be inside, insulated. No one makes me feel inferior, because I know I am one lucky girl. :)


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Jan 15, 2012
Just the opposite - we made our maiden voyage last w/e and had 3 couples come into the site to talk about our rig. One was quite funny because the mid-forties woman said that they were watching to see a couple of yuppies get out of the truck and here we were grey-haired early 70's - they were impressed.


Morris County, NJ
Sep 11, 2008
Morris County, NJ
mamabean5 said:
I want to CAMP! I love being able to hear the sounds of the nighttime and rain hitting the canvas.

We also love the sound of the rain hitting the roof at night when were going to sleep (not the 3 inches an hour rainfall!) but a nice light rain to fall asleep to!

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