Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?


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Feb 27, 2018
Calgary, Ab
I was the other day in liquerstore (this is a Canadian thing, we can't buy booze in the grocery store, no matter if it is beer or vodka) and I was looking to buy some moonshine. Yeap, moonshine, bottle in a mason jar, it was a very redneck thing. As I have a sweet tooth for all these white-yellowish brandy/schnapps distillates, I said, what the heck, let's try to see what's the story with this one... While my hand was pointed to the shelf I felt the urge to stop. It was like 50.00 bucs or so for 16oz. Whaat? I know, the Canadian booze is more expensive, more taxes etc than US, but I can buy a 12 years single malt 25oz for less and even have room for a cheap six pack.
What's the thing with this? Its made by virgins in the first full moon on the year on the top of Mount Logan? It was aged in the basement of the Prime Minister? why is such expensive? It is a 2 months old drink, bianco/blanco, not aged etc...
It is expensive because is trendy, the youngsters (professionals white collars ones) thinks is cool, so here we are...

Do I condemn? What is to condemn? People having money and somewhere a business having a good strategy? This is not to condemn... But I can't stop wondering when the hell a night in a campground becomes more expensive than a 3 star hotel (not motel) and how we arrived in such situation... If you want plush and comfort, go to Hilton, don't push me out from my CG. They run generators, they don't care about noise, it is different under a canvas vs a hard wall. The bathroom amenities are essential for me, not playground for kids or hanging around and the list of grievances can go long...
I would like to say that I am not condemning, it is more like I am discussing about this, especially when I know the envy worm is biting my heart, but why may appears that I am condemning? Because that was my little thing, this is what I had and I can see it is going away, maybe later I will not be able to camp if I don't have such fancy rigs. I seen already CG where tent trailers are not allowed (and it is not about bears, I know those ones with a bear problem, are very deep in the mountains like Lake Louise) or age limit on the rigs (visual pollution)... Don't be surprise when you will see it is cheaper to go to a 5 start resort down South than to camp in your state. It is the moonshine effect...


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Feb 6, 2018
Why do you THINK your kids would even ask that?

As for folks in big rigs not "camping", it's what they want and enjoy. Why should they have to conform to your definition.

Many people in big rigs are full-timing. They aren't camping, they are living their lives. Others are sightseeing - they aren't communing with nature, they are going to museums and wineries and casinos and spending time with families. Maybe some of that takes them to a campground. Maybe they want to see the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone while sleeping in their own bed and not giving up creature comforts.

Why must people knock others in order to be happy with what they have?

My aunt just bought a brand new huge trailer. They are buying recliners for it. They goes camping with their adult kids, grandkids and great grandkid - She and her husband are in their 80s. She is out of state visiting her older brother - using her trailer as a cottage on his property. Should I condemn her for not "camping" appropriately just because I do it differently? Or should I be happy to see her enjoying her trailer as she sees fit?

This post is about people in big rigs looking down at popup owners - but some of these posts are just as bad.[/QUOTE
Well said.


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Jun 10, 2020
It's just a human's fallen nature, to (among other things) try and make ourselves feel better by comparing ourselves to each other. We all do it in some form or another, myself included. Ever drive by a homeless person and have that quick second thought looking down your nose at them or to a coworker comparing what kind of car you drive, thinking your better off or better at managing your money etc.

I have heard of campgrounds not allowing pups and I have never encountered it but I am sure that the BIG RVers and 5th wheelers look down their nose at us and tent campers.

But hey....

We are breed unto ourselves.

So just remember those poor people are sitting in or driving a giant gas sucking bus type vehicle that cost about the same as a modest home. They don't know the joys of our PUP life.
I realize this is a super old reply, but I noticed your Trail Life icon. We are a part of TX-226. We are heading out for a family campout in just a few hours.


May 15, 2014
Golden, CO
I might have commented on this post awhile back, but I can't remember. Was just thinking about this topic again and I feel like the lines are a bit blurred now, especially since there are off road trailers that sell for higher prices than popups. Thinking about those off road teardrops, or trailers made by Patriot Campers, which can easily be like $40K with some add-ons. I guess it skews the perception a little bit, since those are smaller than a popup, but priced more like a large RV.

Regardless of that, I don't feel like second class citizen. The popup works well for the way that I camp and it can get to places that large RVs simply can't, which is what I want. Different tools for different use cases, and all that.

Dave Moz

Jul 15, 2021
Never felt like a second class citizen in our PUP. Many other campers love to get a look to see how simple it is, especially when we had our tiny Coleman Aspen.

The only issue I have lately with RV owners is their need to keep their outside lights on all night long. Some models seems to have LED lighting or spots on each side. With an RV, you can close the windows and blinds without seeing them.
In a PUP without an AC, sleeping with the windows open is a must most nights. (And to me is just more enjoyable so you can actually hear nature!)

Was just at a spot in Newark, MD as the only PUP. At night it was lit up like a small city even when no one was outside their campers. Knowing it's billed as an RV park, I just dealt with it.

Sometimes I do mention it to the owners of the adjacent sites if we start talking. Most have been receptive to turning the lights facing our PUP off or at least down.
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A bad day camping beats a good day at the office
Camped in Door County, WI this past week, amongst about 200 big rigs and maybe 2 other popups lol. Nobody made me feel "second class".

I did walk by a family tenting during a pouring rainstorm... they had all their stuff (canvas chairs, hammocks, etc) out and getting soaked while they were sitting at the picnic table huddled under a too-small umbrella trying to eat dinner. I felt sorry for them but didn't think they were "second class" lol. I remember those tenting days, and we brought along a screen tent to prevent having to get drenched like that.

J Starsky

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Aug 3, 2017
East Central MN
I did walk by a family tenting during a pouring rainstorm...
I started to pack a couple Hobo Freight level tarps in the TT, just for these folks. I tossed a tarp over some car camper's stuff while they were still out backpacking. We were just nursing the fire. They gave me leftover bacon in the AM, knowing their cooler was done for the day, and I had a Fridge. Brilliant ladies to say the least. And, I enjoy free meat.


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Oct 6, 2012
I’m not familiar with that one (been a while!) - I know it’s hard as heck to book up there! Next time you are over this way, I know a guy that would probably offer up his driveway and make dinner & drinks lol…. Good ol’ Wisconsin hospitality…. tell you what man….


A bad day camping beats a good day at the office
I’m not familiar with that one (been a while!) - I know it’s hard as heck to book up there! Next time you are over this way, I know a guy that would probably offer up his driveway and make dinner & drinks lol…. Good ol’ Wisconsin hospitality…. tell you what man….
From my research it used to be called "Door County Camping Retreat" but got new owners 5 or 10 years ago and they renamed it.

Thanks for the standing invite!


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Jul 17, 2014
Honestly, who cares?

Camping shelter can be any of (not an all inclusive list):
  • A sleeping bag, out under the stars, possibly with a nylon tarp / rain fly for the weather.
  • A hammock, again maybe with a weather fly.
  • A one-man backpacking tent.
  • A 2-4 man backpacking tent.
  • A general camp tent (2 to 6 man).
  • A base camp canvass / vinyl tent for semi-permanent use (2-10 man).
  • A very simple popup (2 to 3-man, maybe a stove, maybe water)
  • An elaborate popup (4-8 man, stove, water, cassette toilet, shower, furnace, water heater, air conditioning, and other options)
  • A hybrid bumper-pull travel trailer (tenting for the beds, hard side)
  • A hard side travel trailer
  • A fifth wheel travel trailer
  • An RV van.
  • An RV class C.
  • And RV class A.
These are not always chosen based on price. Sometimes they're chosen to meet a use case and style of camping. It is not laughable to choose to camp in a trailer with tenting around the beds. What a silly concept. It's a valid type of RV that affords more of a "camping" feel than a hard side trailer. It's more minimalist (though sometimes not much more). And you can pull a popup a long way with less fuel than a hard side. There are plenty of advantages for a particular style of camping.

Don't worry if your style of camping is different from someone else's. Do you laugh at backpackers? They're certainly camping with less gear than you are with a popup.

As you can see there's a spectrum of amount of shelter and amenities. I would just suggest avoiding campgrounds where the patrons are so narrow minded and prideful that they would scoff at other forms of camping. But in my experience, that's just not an issue.

On the other hand, showing up with broken down, grimy equipment, that's different. Keep your equipment in good condition, keep it working well, keep it clean. Do that, and you should be fine. I've camped at places where it's over $100/night, and places where it's $22/night. I feel welcome at both.


A bad day camping beats a good day at the office
@davido I agree with everything you said. There was someone on one of the FB groups recently that claimed they had "multiple people" making snide remarks that they overheard as the people walked by their campsite. It did make me wonder what their equipment looked like. I honestly can't really fathom anyone being so petty as to make snide remarks about a popup in good condition, even in a relatively uppity RV park.

I *can*, however, see this happening with some of the redneck-endorsed fixes I see sometimes here on the portal: e.g. covering your entire pup with a cheap blue tarp, awnings made out of tarps, wrapping your pup in foil so it looks like a mylar balloon, etc. I mean it's your camper so do what you like, but if you get too redneck you invite these sorts of comments.

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Sep 29, 2016
South West Florida
This post brought back memories of our first new pup. We bought it a a major camper dealer who sells million dollar rigs all day long. But, the price was right and I guess they figure to get you in one, then upsell you in the future. We were treated "OK" there, not rude but not like "upscale folks" either. We received a 3 day "free" camping trip to use at any that were in the group in the plan they represented. The nearest one to us was only 1 1/2 hour ride, and was in an area we wanted to explore. Well, we get there and Lo and Behold, no room in the campground! There was an over flow area in the front of the campground off to the side. At least it had electric hookups! So, we accepted it and put on our redheaded stepchild wigs and made the best of it. The bathhouse was 1/4 mile down the road, so we did get plenty of exercise. Thank goodness (for me) there was a large tree behind our "campsite". Across from the field we were in, there was a dollar store, so we did use it to obtain a few supplies, and some ice. We made the best of the situation and did get to see some beautiful sights in the immediate area. And, it did introduce us to the feeling that some project when they see that your rig of choice folds and has canvas sides. Now, we mostly camp in State Parks (half price for seniors!) and no one (campers or staff) has ever looked down their noses at us. Tents, Trailers, 5th Wheels or Class A rigs...all are welcome there. We got over it, but now we totally understand how some folks are made to feel when they make a conscious decision to "keep it simple".


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We've never felt like a 2nd class citizen with our big highwall, many folks are fascinated by our rig and always want a tour. However, a new RV campground just opened up beside an existing park we stay at each Summer. The new campground doesn't allow tent trailers or tents, and states all units have to be no older than 15 years.

When I first heard about the restrictions I was quite shocked, as I've never seen restrictions like this on Vancouver Island. Before we found out about the restrictions we were excited to try the new place out, but with the restrictions, it's completely turned us off! Part of me wants to book there just to see how strict they really are with the rules. Our rig is a 2020 and is fully self contained (with black and grey tanks) and it's in great shape as we store it in the garage when not in use.


A bad day camping beats a good day at the office
I have no "uppity" bone in my body. I have no desire to put on airs, falsely or otherwise. I'd feel much more home at an outdoor picnic with a brat and coke (I don't drink much) with classic rock playing than I would a big caviar party with a string orchestra (although I love classical music as well). This has nothing to do with what we can and cannot afford. We do OK, certainly not wealthy but I could afford a lot more than we actually do, because that isn't my style.


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Jun 24, 2017
I don't necessarily feel any lower in class, but just this past weekend, while we were camping, I saw a lot of RV's and huuuuuuuuuge trailers, and I was like:

1. how in the ******* do people afford all of these today? are they actually paid off???!!
2. how much are they spending in gas to haul these things???

We have 2 Jeeps, 2 pups, 4 kids, and we're good. And everything's paid for!!


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
how in the ******* do people afford all of these today? are they actually paid off???!!
My brother just bought a used 2010 $50k 5th wheel and get this he actually got a 30 year loan. In answer to your question, no they are not paid off and they likely will be trading it in before the loan is even paid off. I honestly can't wrap my head around why take such a huge loan on a toy you may use about six times in a season unless your retired and your using it nearly full time.